Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Story: The Movie Night (Part 4)


"Hey, do you guys want to get together and watch this movie sometime?"

I looked up from my syllabus and met the eyes of the incredibly friendly guy in the blue North Face, glancing at my roommates for a response. He was turned around in his seat and seemed intent on making this happen.

"Sure, Carson", we agreed, "that could be fun".

"Great, I think I can rent it from the Gonzaga library. Would next Friday work for all of you?"

The movie was Gattaca, a sci-fi film we'd seen a portion of in class. We were in Research Writing and one of the assignments that the professors had chosen for the class was that we would research a topic in a film, book or song and discuss its more redeemable qualities for our final paper. There was a little more to it than that, but each week we'd watch several short clips of movies or listen to song lyrics and then discuss them.

Already being avid movie-watchers, my roommates and I had found some gems from this class. It got my roommate Erica and I hooked onto the TV show LOST, which we would later spend hours watching over Spring break (and then I quit in the middle of season 4 and haven't finished the series). We were always up for a new movie.

The next Thursday night, two weeks since our interaction with Carson, my little sister Becca came to visit for a few days, so she tagged along with me as I went to class, explored downtown Spokane, and went to a Passover Sedar at school on Friday.

After the Sedar, we planned to go to Carson's to watch Gattaca. Others had heard of the plans, so they joined us at his place for the movie. I want to say that there were over twenty people present. We piled on the couch and around the living room on the floor. People dragged chairs in and sat on the arms of the couch. It was crowded.

Carson was a great host. After everyone was settled, he stood up and introduced the movie, apologized for not previewing it "just in case" there was anything sketchy. Then he went into the kitchen and spent most of the movie making cookies and things for everyone else as they watched.

When we got home (if I remember correctly, our ride was someone's big truck, and we put way more people than we should have in the cab), Becca was really impressed with Carson and kept talking about it when we got back to my apartment. "Mhmm, yep, he's a nice guy", I responded (I might have said more, but I can't remember).

Becca was there for my 20th birthday and had brought a box of birthday gifts from home. The roommates woke me up early to an apartment decorated and smelling like breakfast (I believe that it was cinnamon rolls), which we ate as I opened gifts. 

Later that day, we dropped Becca off at the airport. My birthday was on a Monday, and at that time, Moody didn't hold classes on Mondays, so my roommates spent the entire day spoiling me with surprise after surprise. They capped off the evening by throwing a backpack over my head and "kidnapping" me, taking me to Tomato Street, one of my very favorite Spokane restaurants.

It snowed on my birthday. Before that point, I thought snow stopped at the end of February. Poor, poor South Carolinian. 

Me, Amanda, Erica and Molly

The birthday thing doesn't really play into the story too much, but in case you wanted to know where we were in life, here you go.

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