Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Story: The Roommate Conversation (Part 3)

Part One: Background
Part Two: How We Met


At the end of the fall semester, we were reminded to bring back any formal attire that we might have, for a spring formal in May. I grabbed the only formal dress I had, a long blue gown I loved and had worn on a cruise with my family when I was 15. It mostly still fit, but I'd filled out a little in the five years since, so I took to running and walking a little more, just to squeeze into a dress so I didn't have to buy a new one.
My roommate Molly and I would often walk circles around inside the complex. It was about a 1/2 mile loop, and we'd spend hours walking around, talking to each other, or on the rare chance that we were alone, hours talking on the phone, just walking in circles.

Anyway, the formal.

Spring formal was very hyped up. It was announced in chapel with skits or slides, and talked about in the hallways. It was the very first spring formal the school had ever held, so nearly everyone was expected to go. From the very beginning, the roommates and I had decided that we would be in attendance.

Now for some reason, and I can't remember why, I was certain that all my roommates would be invited to the formal and I would be the lonely one without a date. I was fine with it if we all went together, but I was SURE that they would be asked (they were super outgoing) and I would be the lame third wheel.

One day, Molly and I were discussing this sad "fact" as we circled the parking lot of Cedar Springs. I lamented how I didn't want to be left alone and that I didn't really want to go if they were going to have dates. So Molly made a very sensible suggestion.

"What if we pray about it?" She said.

She added the concern to her prayer journal, along with the date, and though I'm sure we talked about the formal incessantly still, I felt better that Molly's prayers were being said for my ridiculous fear.

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