Monday, July 29, 2013


This summer, we're thankful for... 



Going into work late
And enjoying that in the sunshine

Frozen Yogurt

Huge things of blue gatorade


(we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a baby shower, picture from Jasmine's iPhone)

Evenings (we discovered that Monopoly is boring, but Life is fun)

Things that grow!

Ice cream with friends

Laughter - this sign was too much

Sugary cereal as a treat

Color coordination

Good friends and nose piercing dates

His and hers pizza

National Donut Day

Haircut sessions

Getting caught in a thunderstorm

Found passports (this was taken when we were searching for it... in Carson's office at school at midnight)

Humidity did this: (humidity on top, normal on bottom)

 My job... I work with some interesting people.

Cute bowls
(I found these cute little dip bowls in the dollar section at Michael's. They're perfect for tiny snacks - like semisweet chocolate when there's nothing sweet in the house)


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