Monday, July 15, 2013

In Which We Have Visitors

Since warm weather arrived in the frigid Midwest (it is totally trying to redeem itself after that winter, by the way), I have been trying to sweet talk my parents into coming for a visit.

 "It's humid here too but not as humid as it is for you..." 
"There's a baseball team and you know how you like baseball games..."

We sort of talked about them coming up during the summer, but as the weeks passed, I saw little likelihood of that happening. We had work, Carson had school, Mom was planning two weddings, Scott (my brother) started a new job. I'd pretty much kissed the idea of them coming goodbye, though naturally I mentioned it anyway. 

So when I heard that Dad had a few days off, I thought to myself, "This could work!" and on the phone with Mom, we decided "This could work!" So I discussed it with Dad, who seemed a little less likely to think that it could work. I mean, it is a 12 hour drive one way. Not exactly a great weekend getaway drive up the road. 

I had my hopes up still, and was over the moon excited when I got a text from Mom while I was at work on Monday - "Start cleaning. We're coming." In the short time between Monday and Wednesday, I think my coworkers grew sick at the sight of me... I was unable to focus and very annoying - "Did you hear? My parents are coming!" Who cares about steaming milk when exciting things are going on?

So they arrived on Wednesday night while Carson was in class, and I introduced them to Chicken Gyros (and I think Dad liked them or he was just very hungry... either way, success!). Carson got home late so we stayed up talking until he got home.

The next morning, Carson worked, but the rest of us got a lazy start. We decided after a little deliberation to go to the beach on Lake Erie. We went to Bay Village, mostly because I heard someone talk about it recently and it was the first beach that came to mind (probably because our last name is Bay...). It was a bit of a drive, but we made it just fine. 

Cue pictures.

The Cleveland skyline can be (faintly) seen on the left side of the picture.

We were a little overdressed for the beach, since we were wearing real clothes.

Carson finished work early and joined us at the beach, dirty from his roofing job. He washed off in the lake. 

We came back, ate fried chicken and relaxed for a short while.

Then we took off for our next destination: John Carroll. I'll be honest, I'm not on campus very much, so Carson was showing me around as much as my parents. 

Next stop: Chagrin Falls. 
If it seems like we go here a lot, well, we do. The water was really high on the day that we went (it's rained a lot lately) and ugly and brown, but it was still fun. 

This is the only group picture we got. I needed to clean my lens... that's the sun hitting the dust on my lens... whoops.

We had dinner and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory that night. Carson had the Macaroni and Cheese burger, Mom and I split the mushroom burger, Dad had a regular burger (I think) and then we finished off with lemon raspberry cheesecake for me, Key Lime cheesecake for Mom and blueberry white chocolate cheesecake for Carson. Dad didn't get cheesecake, but we laughed at this picture because it looks like he wishes he had a slice.

I worked the next morning, so Mom and Dad stopped by, got drinks, and Dad took a picture. He picked me up and I changed, then we were off for more exploring. Every second counted on this short trip!

We went down to Progressive Field to get tickets for that night's game. Mom stayed in the car where parking was free while Dad and I ran through a parking garage and around a corner looking for the box office. 

We headed home, then decided to find a place to get a tshirt for Scott. We ended up on East 4th downtown which is really cute! We didn't find a shirt, but I think Carson and I will go exploring down here sometime soon!

I snapped pictures as we drove... for YOU, Granddaddy and Grandmama! 

I like this dog on the side of a random building, and now I have a picture :)

We got home in enough time to scarf down a quick meal and sit around for just a few minutes before Carson arrived and we left for the game. 
We arrived in enough time to enjoy some pre-game people watching.

And it was Dollar Dog Night, so we partook. Carson hadn't eaten lunch, so he made that his first priority. 

Dad joined the fun.

Thanks to the recent rain, the weather was SO pleasant and nice. It was just under 80 degrees, and breezy. Mom and I dressed in sleeves in preparation for the evening chill.

Looking out over the field.

The Indians played the Kansas City Royals. Go Tribe!

Once we were situated, we enjoyed our fair share of hot dogs.

Granddaddy was there in spirit too... we saw him on FaceTime and he called during the game. It must have been during an exciting moment.

The Indians won, there was lots of cheering, and then we relaxed and since it was fireworks night, we stayed to enjoy those as well. The show was set to disco music. I was surprised that I knew every song... thanks Mom and Dad?

That's looking down at the Cuyahoga River where it feeds into the Lake. 

The next morning, though we'd had a late, late night (I think I went to bed at 1!), we woke up early (earlier than my body wanted to) and enjoyed the breakfast Carson made. He prepared omelettes for everyone but me, since I am the pickiest person alive, bacon, pancakes and fruit. Yum!

Then we set up the succulents Mom had brought for me. I documented this because I am not good with plants, so I thought that this might be the only time to show that they were at one time alive. 

And shortly after this, they left! Carson and I spent that afternoon playing The Game of Life, which Mom and Dad brought (along with big boxes of my stuff from home), relaxing and watching The West Wing... until I had to work. 

It was a great, though short, little trip. We can't wait to see them again, and hope that it will be sooner rather than later! Come again, you're welcome any time! 

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