Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Cat

On a cool evening, we decided to read in the backyard. 
While Carson gathered his books and computer (he's taking a summer class and needed to study), I set up a blanket and began to read. 

"Mrrrrooowww," I heard. I looked up and this cat was sitting under the porch, hoping I'd invite her over. I did, and she gleefully ran over to be scratched. 
She decided after a fair share of scratching behind-the-ears that she'd rather sit under the neighbor's truck, so we said goodbye and she laid down and pretended to nap, but really looked at us out of the corner of her eye, swishing her tail back and forth.

Carson worked and I read.

Then Carson noticed that the cat was interested in his fingers, which were tapping a beat on the grass. She thought that he was getting her attention, and ran over to pounce. 

She let us play with her for a few more minutes then dashed away through neighbor's yards. We've not seen her again. 

1 comment:

  1. She is gorgeous...hopefully she belongs to someone. I have five, so I get giddy over cats.


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