Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: How We Met

I've been trying to write down "our story" for a little while and I thought that posting it here would give me accountability. I thought that choosing a specific day of the week for this might be nice, so I chose Thursdays, because who doesn't need a little alliteration in their life?


"How did you meet?" used to be the first question people asked of us, and it made me squirm. Because to be honest, that memory didn't stick with me.

Helpful background information: 
If you're just joining us, we met in college. We went to Moody Bible Institute - Spokane, a campus of the Moody Bible Institute that's based in Chicago. 
I initially intended on attending the Chicago campus in the fall of 2007, but things changed (I wasn't accepted) and I attended Moody through Distance Learning for the school year of 2007-2008. I applied to Chicago again and it took forever to get a reply back, so when I called, it turned out that my transcripts were in the wrong place, since I was technically already a student. By the time my application was processed, students had matriculated and there was no room on campus, so I was accepted, but put in the 1+3 program, where I'd spend one year in Spokane, Washington and the rest in Chicago. I could do anything for a year, so I went to Washington. Carson, on the other hand, applied directly to the Spokane campus since he's from Olympia, Washington. He definitely did not want to go to Chicago. 

Where were we? Oh yes, how we met.

Carson is sure that we initially met on the first day of classes at Moody, but I don't remember AT ALL. We probably did, but there were so many people to meet that the whole first week was a blur. He says that I made an impression on him right away. I think he's just trying to win points or something (and yes, I'm sort of saying that so I don't feel bad for having NO recollection of the first time we met).

Whenever it was that we met, I did know who he was to some extent our first semester. We didn't have any classes together, but we attended a very small school (we came in with a class of 150 students, which brought enrollment to around 200!), so by the time the first semester ended, most people had a working knowledge of who everyone was by sight.

I know that we both attended the all-school fall retreat, because I looked back through my pictures to see if he's in the background of them and there he was! Playing volleyball, jumping onto the "blob"... I was hoping that it would bring back the memory of a conversation or something, but no.
I am hidden behind the lady on the left in this picture (too short) and Carson is probably hidden by the people on the right. I have no idea, but this session was mandatory so I know we were both there. 

There he is! My future husband!

I also know that he attended the same Halloween party, not only because just about everyone did, but because one of my friends liked one of the guys that he was with there, so we stood around as she awkwardly talked to them. He was wearing rock climbing gear as his costume (I, meanwhile, wore a poodle skirt and pearl from my 16th birthday party).

Carson is on the right in this picture...

But even though we never really met, the strangest thing kept happening. Random girls that I knew but who weren't close friends would be talking to me in the hallway and say that there was this guy that they admired. It was Carson. This happened three times. That was my only idea of who he was though; information from the lips of people who had crushes on him. I knew from these conversations that he was admired for his character, which was a good thing. But I thought he was an older student (since I never saw him) and that he was maybe an aviation student (also because I never saw him - the aviation students have a different campus and only come to the Biblical Studies campus for some of their core Bible classes once or twice a week), and I kept confusing him with one of his roommates because when those girls pointed him out as their one true love (um, sorry ladies!), he always happened to be near Brian.

So, that's not how we met, because I guess we didn't really meet. Not in a memorable way, that is.


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