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Throwback Thursday: So There's This Guy (Part 6)

How We Met
Roommate Conversation
The Movie Night
Are You Seeing Anyone?


The day that Carson asked me to the formal, I emailed my sister. I think that I was overwhelmed. Kind of excited, but also very surprised. I wanted to think nothing of it, but since we weren't friends (and I really still didn't know his last name), it was something I thought about a lot. It was weird. But anyway, I'm glad that I did write this email, because now I have a record of some of my initial reaction, even if it was typed in an email.

From: Lindsay
To: Becca
Subject: So there's this guy...
So, you remember that guy's house we went to on Friday night? Well, he's lately been asking Molly, Erica and I to do things because we seemed like neat people and he wanted to get to know us. Like seriously, REALLY lately, like in the past couple weeks (this would be why he mentioned that we were the ones invited to the movie night).

Today, I was walking out of the computer lab when Carson stopped me (that's his name). He asked me if I had a second to talk and I said yes. So we stood off to the side and he said he had two questions for me and not to get weirded out. His first question was "Are you seeing anyone; the guys upstairs?" and I laughed (but only to myself because that would be mean). Then he asked his second question - "would you go to the Spring Formal and the dance afterwards with me?" I'll admit, I was a little shocked. But I said yes. And he said "cool!" And then he went downstairs and I went to the library and told Molly and Erica and they looked at each other and they said "WE KNEW HE WOULD!" (but I didn't have a clue) and Molly told me later that she'd prayed that someone would ask me (we talked about it a week ago and I said I'd be the last person someone would ask - ha). And then she said that she and Erica have thought for awhile that he liked me. And that during break he asked them if people took dates to the formal and if it was weird and then they knew he was going to ask me. 
So. Weird. 

From Becca:

I'm so happy. Carson was an awesome guy. I could tell just from the little bit of time we were around him on Friday. That is so exciting. I'm smiling so big, I think it made my whole day. :) When is the Spring Formal?

From Lindsay:
Love the response. You're funny. 
It's not until May 2 so that's another reason it took me by surprise.

From Becca:
He's getting a claim on you early :)

From Lindsay:
I guess you're right. Go him. 
By the way, I don't like him. I don't know if that wasn't conveyed in anything. I seriously never talked to the guy before three weeks ago. 
(that's why it's so weird).

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