Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Old Sheldon Church

I've been writing about our story here and there recently and haven't gotten to this part in the installment, but here's a spoiler alert: we got engaged four years ago.

When I tell people that it was at an old church ruin, I'm not entirely sure what crosses their mind, but unless they're from Beaufort, they don't seem to understand that it was HERE.
This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in my hometown. In fact, the reason that Carson proposed there is because it's a place I talked about when I was telling him about where I was from. He thought that it was so special to me that he might as well give me a reason to consider it really special. 

While we were in Beaufort, I bribed Jillian into taking pictures for us there. Well, actually I didn't bribe her, but I did ask, and plus, she's been our official photographer once before (I just looked for those pictures and realized I didn't post them, which is a shame because I love them so much - they were taken in an apple orchard in Spokane). She agreed and took WAY more pictures than the... I don't know, three? that I'd imagined. I love so many of them so now you get to love them too... and in case you're wondering, yes I do feel a little like a crazy person posting a million pictures of us here... but I'm used to it at this point and you likely are too. 

We arrived here and there were no people - score! But moments after I snapped the above picture, two families taking what looked like Christmas card photos and one group of high school tourists showed up... so we weren't alone but Jillian was creative.

This is where Carson proposed... well actually it was more in that sunny part, but the light wasn't good, so imagine us two steps to our left.

I have no idea how anyone can carry a baby in a car seat. Poor Graceanna nearly bit the dust when I tried. So heavy. 

I just thought this one was funny... we look like we're playing hide and seek.

I think we just weren't supposed to be smiling, but I look angry. Sorry, Carson!

Jillian took more, but I "limited" myself to "just these". Thanks, Jillian!


  1. Very nice......I worked for Jillian's father last year and he was so proud when Graceanna was born.


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