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South Carolina Trip, Part Two

The first part of our trip can be found here.

On Sunday morning, we went to church. Carson and I rode with Dad, while Mom and Scott drove together. This is an important thing to mention because it was all part of "the plan". Dad thought that the plan was to go to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house for lunch and a boat ride. Everyone else knew that the boat plan was merely an excuse to keep Dad out of the house. In fact, the reason we went to Charleston the day before is so that we wouldn't go to Grandmama and Granddaddy's so that we could go on Sunday.
Dad didn't know that, so he planned a big trip for everyone in the family to go out... only Becca suddenly "couldn't", Scott didn't want to, and Mom "wasn't feeling well". A disappointed Dad called Granddaddy with the sad news on Sunday morning. He didn't notice that Granddaddy didn't seem surprised...

After we left church, Mom texted me "it's all on you now" and I prayed that we wouldn't get stuck on a sandbar or blurt out the surprise.
For all accounts and purposes, it seemed very like a normal day on the boat (some of these pictures are stretched out and I don't know why!)

We got to the sandbar, which was more crowded than we'd seen it, anchored the boat, and then Carson, Dad and Granddaddy began scraping barnacles off it, so Grandmama and I went ahead and ate. Then more barnacle scraping happened, a little swim... a nice lazy Sunday afternoon.

I cut the watermelon and no one got hurt.

And then we started back, because Carson and I "had dinner plans with Jillian and Gary" - we technically DID, since they were going to be at the party and there was going to be dinner there, but it was still a lie.

We saw porpoises on the way back.

And watched an Osprey catch a fish.

And I drove the boat back and parked it on the first try - something I haven't attempted in at least five years.

Since Carson and supposedly had plans, we cleaned up and got dressed for dinner, but Dad could not be persuaded to shower or to change clothes. Even Granddaddy and Grandmama tried to convince him that there was time, but he said that there was no need. Clearly, he had no idea about the party to come.

As we drove back to the house, I got increasingly nervous. I'm not sure why, but it was the same kind of nervousness I get when playing something like hide-and-seek... adrenaline, I guess.

We started down the driveway, and then this happened. He turned a corner and people were there with signs. He realized then what was going on and here's a video of that moment. I think he handled the surprise very graciously... but I understand the shock. I should also note that I was holding my iPhone in one hand for the video and my camera in the other for pictures so the video gets a little shaky. The pictures aren't great, either, but I'm still thankful I captured the moment in both ways.

He really was surprised. Really, really surprised. And yes, the first thing he did was shower. He kept shaking his head in shock and saying "Great day... great day..."

Daisy decided to sit down... right in the middle of the buffet line. Parties don't bother her. 

And this was the amazing cake - chocolate on one side, vanilla on the other. That's supposed to be a little Oscar (Dad's favorite dog) on the lawnmower.

Look at those little mooches...

Mom with her great-nephew, Luke

And Dad and Granddaddy admiring the little dog. Note the matching shirts.

We finally got a family picture - Carson, Lindsay, Dad, Mom, Scott, Becca, Thomas. Dogs not included.

My flowergirls are all grown up!

The Kipes stayed after the party to chat and hang out. Graceanna has the best hair.

"Uncle" Carson and "Aunt" Lindsay love Graceanna!

And Oscar loves Dad.

The next morning, I spent a little time going through my old room. I found this phone which was not my first phone, but looks like it belongs in a technology museum at this point - it's funny how fast those things change!

Carson spent the day studying. I know this picture makes Daisy's eyes look scary, but without this flash, she didn't show up.

And Oscar whined until I let him go on the porch of my old room.

Later on, Jillian, little Graceanna and I headed into Beaufort to meet up with Emily. We met at Palm and Moon Bagel, which was an old favorite. My dear Brooke used to work there in high school, and once upon a time, we "kidnapped" Emily and took her there for her birthday. Anyway, we got there a little earlier than Emily and spent the time taking pictures and entertaining the little one.

Blowing kisses... most of the time, she blew kisses from her ear.

I conned Jillian into taking our pictures at Old Sheldon Church and so she did that before we dropped her off at home. Graceanna sat in her little seat and stared at us, confused.

That evening, we sort of hung out and did nothing in particular for awhile. Mom worked in her studio, Dad and Carson sat and talked, we had dinner, I spent time talking with Scott... it was a nice laid back last night. 

We left by 7 the next morning, a more decent time to get on the road. We hit South of the Border for gas and laughs, since Carson hadn't even heard of it before and it's so darn touristy.

We also stopped by UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke - since they were on the way, it didn't hurt to stop by a couple of potential schools. We will see!

It was sad to leave and we are looking forward to the next trip! We hope to get it in before the end of the year!

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  1. It was so lovely to be in our old stomping grounds together.,. And what a cute baby! ;-) she totally looks like she could be yours. I'm pretty sure she just told me to tell auntie linds hello...


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