Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Early Christmas

Well, we did it. 
Even though tradition says that you aren't supposed to think about Christmas until the turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving, we have. We've listened to Christmas music, watched a Christmas movie, done a good portion of our shopping... and to top it all off, we decorated for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving. 

We're getting all our Christmas gifts for my family purchased since we'll be down there this year for Thanksgiving. No one wants to pay that shipping, so we had to shop early. On top of that, Thanksgiving is pretty late this year and I wanted to put up our decorations before we leave to see family. 

The nice part of having a fake tree? It just goes up whenever. I LOVE real ones best, but I have to admit that this tree is pretty convenient.

How the mantle looked at first

How the mantle looked after I made this banner. I will put the stockings back up; probably on the ends. And I will center the wreath and candle holders.

Mom sent these little wooden tags last year and I've always wanted to use them. My friend Heather convinced me to stencil "Merry Christmas" on them with a tree in the middle and I love how it turned out.

I hadn't taken the time last year to really glue the ornaments in place on my ornament wreath, so I had to do a little more hot-gluing this year. Original tutorial here.

I had leaves taped on these for fall; I like this glittery look best.

Carson's menorah.

A peek at the whole room from the couch.

Side table (trees are from the $1 store)

My Scentsy owl and Christmas wax scents. The Better Homes and Gardens ones at Walmart are fantastic!

Our Christmas book collection. Can't wait to add to this! I have several in my Amazon wish list I hope to add in the future.

The tree is my favorite part. Not all of our ornaments have specific meanings, but most of them do! They are collected from special places we've visited, represent friendships, show off the clay modeling skills of kids in our life... there are some random snowman ornaments in there that I don't remember seeing before, but also so many "friends" from years past.

I took a picture off the wall to hang this sign. The wall looks a little bare, so I might put the picture back... but I needed some Christmas in that corner. I plan to make Christmas pillows too... or at least throw the more neutral ones on the couch... orange seems so fall to me.

I didn't realize until now that you can see my reflection - hello!

Our Christmas movies. We add a new one every year.

My nutcrackers, also from the $1 store.

I don't know where this ornament came from (did I buy it? did YOU?) but I like it. We don't have a nativity set, so this tiny one sits on the bookshelf next to a picture from our first date (Carson's least favorite picture of all time)

Nana gave me this snowman soap dispenser a few years ago, and I rinse and reuse it every year. I like this happy guy.

And last but not least, a reindeer. I think he appeared magically in the Christmas box but I'm not sure.

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  1. I really love the wreath...just wanted to put that out there first.
    you two did a wonderful job decorating....your home looks so cozy..


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