Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life Snapshots

Here are some iPhone pictures from this fall so far. 

We went to the library at school... for DVDs. It's okay because Carson practically lives there anyway. 

We watched said DVDs at the same time. They were two different genres. Neither of us was interested in the other movie, so we sat on opposite ends of the couch and watched what we wanted. It turned out to be a great idea.

Someone bought a lot of gift cards one day.

I always love the fall leaves (half the pictures I take are of leaves) so we had to get a foot picture with them in the backyard. This was when it was still on-again off-again warm.

We babysat a few weeks ago. I played with baby Liam before he joined his parents on their date.

And we taught his older siblings how to play Clue. We did feel a little uncertain about playing a murder mystery game with kids, but they loved it.

And as you recall, it snowed. So far, that's the only snow that's stuck, but there has been a little sleet.

I introduced Carson to the wonder of the pomegranate since they were on sale and he loved it.

And he worked tirelessly on the wings for my fairy costume.

This obnoxious cat lives down the street and LOVES us for some reason. She's always running up when we get home and trying to get into the house. She's succeeded several times too. One day I ran home to grab something after work and immediately went to the store for about fifteen minutes... she'd snuck in when I ran in the first time and when I opened the door, she was there to greet me.

My costume. I wore my green wedding shoes too, but not for long because they HURT. I don't usually wear heels.

We parked on the street one day and I loved this view of our house from there.

A day out.

We went to a custard place that's been recommended to us for awhile and it was terrific. We will be back.

A trip to World Market. Carson wanted this hat. I'm pretty sure it was made for seven-year-old heads, not almost-27-year-old heads.

And I tested out this comfy chair.

While we waited for our table for dinner one night, I snapped this picture. The tree was a million times more amazing in real life, but cell phone cameras are just doing their best.

I edited a paper of Carson's and understood very, very little of its contents. He put those GRE words to use!

Driving home one day, I snapped this picture. Our street is so alive with color.


And I cut my hair the other night. I started with trimming my bangs, then decided to snip off the split ends (maybe two or three inches total?) and cut a few layers in the front. I took this at the end of the night, so I can assure you that it really is evenly cut and that the bangs don't look so spacey.

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  1. Wow...l be several things here....I have five indoor cats so was amused at the cat vignette......love the shoe pic and the house from the street pic...and....is Carson ever the university type?! What wording!


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