Friday, November 29, 2013


I've always wanted to host a Thanksgiving dinner with friends, but it's never worked out. People go home for the holiday, or they are quickly scooped up by a generous family, so we go with other plans. 
But this year, we finally had a Thanksgiving feast with friends... or "Friendsgiving". The Community Group that meets at our place was more than willing to participate in a potluck Thanksgiving dinner... and it was SO FUN and the food was great! 
Our table was overflowing, but I'll try to list what we had here, starting at the top: 
cranberry sauce (covered dish - Cassie) lemon cake (Malea), allergen free snickerdoodles (Cassie), bacon infused sweet potatoes (Cassie), roasted carrots (Danielle), rolls (Bryce), banana bread (Chris), roasted green beans and mushrooms (Me), salad (Carson), mashed potatoes and gravy (Jen and Malea), avocado-cilantro deviled eggs (Me), green bean casserole (Deanna), chicken (Malea), berry spinach salad (Evan). 

In the kitchen, a midst dishes from last-minute cooking as guest arrived, we had stuffing, which Evan and Heather put together
Then there was Carson's pumpkin pie and more bread

Heather made an amazing cranberry-lime drink that was SO GREAT. We called it "special beverage"

After dishes were done (just kidding, we used paper plates), we played Battle of the Sexes. The girls won. I was amazed by the things my teammates knew about sports and cars... and actually Carson's knowledge surprised me too.

And we took a group picture. Love these people.
On couch: Bryce, Danielle, Evan & Heather, Lana, Deanna, Austin, Me, Chris, Malea, Cassie
On floor: Bryan, Jen, Carson

If only we were planning to be here next year (womp womp), I would love for this to be an annual event. We'll make the most of it though... I'm brainstorming for Christmas now :)

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