Monday, November 4, 2013

Corn Maze

We went to a corn maze with our community group after church a few weeks back. I've never been to one, but they seemed like such a fun fall activity. I was glad to share this experience with a group of people - I now think that corn mazes are best conquered with a group. 

The maze was in this shape and the objective was to find the little numbered stations. Each one had a little punch that corresponded with the station's number. Carson led the way through the maze and we all followed, sort of amazed (pun not intended) that he could actually tell where he was going. 

There were two mazes. We did the big one first, then took a break by enjoying the other things the farm had to offer, like a chance to be the American Gothic painting. 

I'm actually 5'1", so this can't be correct. 

And he's 6'2".

They had this pumpkin rolling chute. If your pumpkin made it past a certain point down the hill, you received a free admission.

We went into the barn. There were several ways in. Deanna and I chose the one that was meant for children. 

I felt sorry for this calf. I think he was sleepy, and not embarrassed by his ear tags.

Carson sort of milked a cow. 

And Lana bonded with this piglet, while we discussed Charlotte's Web.

This donkey's name is Jenny, and the sign on her pen warned us that she bites. She was attracted by the sound of my camera's shutter.

And also by the fabric of Deanna's scarf, which she nibbled.

Cornhole was played. I didn't know that there are actual rules, but they were taken seriously.

See Carson's green pumpkin bumping around down there?

Then we decided to do the second maze and finish getting our punches.

And celebrated by shooting the corn cannons (which actually shot tennis balls). Carson and Bryce took this seriously.

We finished off the afternoon by going on a hayride. 

 But we really wanted to ride the bumpy cow ride. 

Instead, we packed up and went home. 

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