Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Weddings

If you'll recall, we left Niagara Falls early on a Saturday morning because we had to rush to a wedding. This led to us changing at a rest stop and accessorizing while driving. 

This wedding was for friends of ours from church. I work with Evan, the groom, and actually we started attending Gateway and I got my job because of him... his sister is my good friend Rachel, from Spokane. Small world, right? We've loved getting to know this couple over the past year and are SO happy that they are married now.

We arrived on time, well... we didn't (we were like two minutes early), but we were not the last ones to arrive. But the ceremony began not-too-late and it was one of the happiest weddings that I have ever attended. The groom's smile as his bride came down the aisle? Priceless. Carson took pictures during the ceremony, of course.

You might remember this lovely lady from our time in Spokane - Rachel was the sister of the groom (still is, as a matter of fact)

This is Carson's wedding photography tradition. Don't you love the sock choice?

They did a foot washing, which I'd never witnessed, but it was so sweet.

Carson is sneaky... and it was HOT there. Since everything was outside, I got my first sunburn of the year. It faded into a tan after a couple of days, but my skin matched the color of that dress. In all the rush to get ready and arrive on time, sunscreen didn't enter my mind once. Everyone at this wedding was sunburnt though. It was the other wedding favor, I guess.

 Married! Mr. and Mrs. Storey at last!

See what I mean about happy?

Delicious appetizers, made by a friend of ours from church, were passed around. This is watermelon gazpacho.

We made sure to snag a picture with one of our favorite couples... bonus: they've just moved to the Midwest and are only five hours away!

The week after that, we attended a wedding for friends of ours from Spokane. The bride is from this general area, so they chose to get married in Ohio - yay! We attended church with them in Spokane, school with Bethany, and John was in my Theology class. I doubt I ever talked abou this, but Bethany actually was one of two girls to move into our apartment when we left last August. These two were happy and I think a little teary-eyed as they made their vows.

Carson bought this bow tie the morning of the wedding.

Paper and pencils were on each table, so Carson spent much of the reception drawing pictures. He's quite the illustrator.

I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where they smashed cake into each other's faces... and this was no exception.

A chocolate and espresso wedding cake? Sign me up.

The bench was built by the pastor who married John and Bethany and used as an illustration in the homily. Very cool.

These two were in the wedding party - that's two weddings in two weekends for that groomsman.

Some of Carson's illustrations. Very random, very Carson.

I just think this picture is funny... so random.

My wrinkled dress - I blame a car without air conditioning and a very hot day for that one. I was thankful, however, that this wedding was inside and that it was cool inside.

After both weddings, we went to Rachel's parents house and enjoyed the slip and slide on the property they live on. The house pictured here isn't theirs, but they live right across the pond and are allowed to use the water and that little beach. Great, right?

It was supposed to be a super moon that night but it was too cloudy.

Carson sat around and talked with friends from Spokane until about 1 in the morning. I watched a movie with Rachel and we thought about just spending the night since it was so late, but eventually made the trek home, sleepy-eyed.

That wrapped up two FULL weekends! I'm pretty sure that June contained all the weddings we'll attend this summer, and I have been amazed by the sheer number of people we know who have gotten married this month. Every weekend we knew at least two couples getting married. I didn't even think we had that many friends left!

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  1. On my CR list of things-to-do-when-I-get-caught-up-with-orders is bow ties. I have the fabric and the hardware. All I need is the time.


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