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May: Things We Didn't Blog

Here are things that happened in May that didn't get a post of their own. This may be mostly for us to remember what life was like as we look back one day, but maybe you'll enjoy it too.
And I meant to post this by the end of May, but forgot, so you get this at the beginning of June. 

I came home from work one day to find that Carson was wearing this outfit. He requested a second opinion when I told him that this didn't look so great. My second (and third) opinions convinced him to change, though his errands were done for the day. On the plus side, his blues match!

I recently had a girl's night with a couple of friends. We had dinner (yummy grilled cheese with mushrooms and onions!), then ice cream at a new place called Sweetie Fry. I had cookies and cream ice cream with a cilantro-lime sorbet topper. They didn't go together, but they were both so tasty.

Afterward we saw The Great Gatsby in 3D! I've never seen a 3-D movie before and it was unlike any experience I've had. I think the movie was visually stunning anyway, but it really gave it another dimension (pun intended). I really loved the glasses!

Mother's Day... Carson was so sweet and planned this little picnic for us. It was rainy and cold, so we had a picnic on the living room floor. He made the best roast beef sandwiches I've ever had, with pickles and chips on the side.

He got me tulips and a funny card that alludes to the fact that he thinks I steal the covers, which is absolutely false (I've taken to documenting this with photos but he continues to tease me).

I spent a Sunday evening rearranging furniture, organizing things, folding laundry and cleaning the house. I like cleaning on Sundays, because I can take a nap after work on Mondays. 

I made a little coffee/tea corner in the breakfast nook. I kind of love it. 

I moved this bookshelf from the corner where it was sort of hidden, as evidenced by quite a bit of dust, to a more prominent placement at an angle. Don't you love those flowers too? Carson's mom gave them to me and I think they are great. I want to find a big vase for them, but I'm still going to use them until I do that.

This is where the bookshelf used to be. I switched it out for a side table that was my night table, then was just a table in our room. It became a clutter-gatherer in both cases, so it's banished to the upstairs hallway (yes, I know I'm the problem).

There were a few thunderstorms in May. I was reading in the backyard one afternoon when I looked up and saw this. I moved into the house before wind and pounding rain came down. Carson was grilling dinner at the time and thankfully it was perfectly safe.

School is out, but the studies continue! This is our kitchen table on a daily basis; the living room has piles of books too. 

I made Carson breakfast one morning; notable because he's usually up before me. And yes, that's cake.  It was his morning snack.

Sometimes I make Carson smile for pictures.

I was looking for a dress for something and all of these were on the thumbs down list. I think they're vanity sizing things a lot more than they used to because I was swimming in just about everything. Flattering feeling for things to be too big, but I really just wanted something to fit (I did love the dress on the top right, but didn't get it).

One of Carson's retiring professors was getting rid of a large portion of his library, so Carson was more than willing to drive three hours to get this collection to resell. I didn't count the boxes, but I'd guess that it's about 30, most of them apparently rare, which means that instead of selling them, we'll probably be moving these whenever we leave Ohio.

It's wedding season. These are the weddings that are JUST in June and July.

I like to take pictures of people sleeping. I'm only ever around this one when he's sleeping, so he's my only victim. He's a scary sleeper, saying absurd things in his sleep ("Where's Mrs. Doubtfire?!" was one from the other night) and sitting upright, looking at me and then crashing onto his pillow, apparently asleep the whole time. I posted about this once before, here. There's a video too. I wasn't expecting him to wake up, so it starts off a little bumpy, plus you can't hear his mumbled responses, but oh well.

Carson quit Target and is now doing roofing for the summer. It pays better and has the added benefit of being manual labor, which he's missed. The second benefit is that he's disgustingly dirty at the end of a workday, which he thinks is funny. He comes home looking various shades of brown every day, and has a nice farmer's tan to boot. I've started putting a change of clothes for him in the bathroom so he doesn't trail that filth all over the house looking for clean shorts.

Over dinner one night, we discussed playing with our food. He didn't think I ever did, so I showed him what I'd look like if I were a walrus. He wanted to capture the moment.

Nights look a little like this - late night snack on paper plates, and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on Amazon Prime. Sometimes (rarely) I read to him before bed. 

I am not a morning person, but agreed to take someone's opening shift. I felt like calling them up at 5am and saying "Nevermind, I don't really want those hours!" But the truth is that it's kind of nice being back at home by 10:10 in the morning with work behind me.

 It was a little foggy when I arrived to work early in the morning. And dark.

Loving this tiny garnet necklace. My dear friends, Jillian and Emily, were so kind as to suggest some sort of "memory jewelry" to remember my sweet baby, so I chose this would-be birthstone.  I haven't taken it off.

I'm loving these shoes too. They're from Target, of course, and I've worn them many places in the short time they've been mine. Very comfortable, cheap, and easy to wear with any outfit.

We've been planning our anniversary trip. Niagara Falls! Since this initial "planning meeting", not much else has been done, but we're going this weekend, so I'm sure we'll get working on it soon.
(Update: This was supposed to be posted on the last day of May, but I didn't get around to it. Read HERE for what actually happened.)

We had a fun Memorial Day! We usually host community group at our house on Monday nights, but we hadn't thought about doing anything for the holiday until Sunday at church. Someone in our group asked me if we were doing anything, and plans began from there! They arrived an hour early with a side dish to go with hot dogs and hamburgers that Carson grilled. Our group goes above and beyond with food and we had more than enough. I made a tasty cake from The Pioneer Woman's recipe and except for the frosting being strange (I think I measured incorrectly), it was great!

May was a successful month! Warmer days were more frequent and that really makes the month for me.

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