Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sign Overhaul

On a recent Goodwill trip, I spotted this sign for 50% off and thought that it would be a good contender for a project. I'd imagined painting a quote on it, but when Carson told me that he liked what it already said, I decided to do something simpler.

I didn't love the color of the wood, so I sort of whitewashed it. I used a mixture of white acrylic craft paint and water and painted over the entire existing sign.

I let it dry in the sunshine, then went over the letters with a mustard colored paint.

That dried, and now we have a fun new sign! I don't have a specific place for this to go yet, so it's hanging on a lonely nail in the guest room until we find a better place. 
 Eventually, I think it would be fun to find a beachy quote and put it on here, but for now we both like it so it's staying as-is.


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