Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Third Anniversary

Here's what we did on our anniversary! We're going on a trip this weekend, so that is our "real" anniversary plan.

Our actual anniversary was spent together, which we didn't expect! Carson got called off work at the last minute, and I wasn't scheduled that day, so we decided that we'd spend the afternoon together doing...? We weren't sure, but we made it work. 

We began by exchanging gifts. Loved my pop-up card from Carson.

I got him a glass etched with "Ohio" on it... (glass is the "modern" three year anniversary gift)

A keychain with a Tolkien quote from here (the latitude/longitude are of Spokane, since we met there)

And leather cuff links, made from a baseball glove, from here

He got me a purse, which was a bold move, given that I'm incredibly picky when it comes to what I actually like in a purse.

We wanted to get out and do something on such a nice day (it was 85 degrees - the same as on our wedding day!), but before we left, Carson made smoothies - raspberries, banana, kiwi, carrots and I think some cauliflower. Pretty tasty!

We decided to go to thrift stores. Here are some of the finds that made us laugh. We cracked up at the mini toilet.

My other anniversary gift was a pair of long-awaited running shoes. I haven't had new ones in five years, and my feet were feeling it! We went to Fleet Feet Sports and I got fitted for some that I really like... they're light purple, magenta and lime green. Love them. 

We had big plans for dinner, then ditched them all and picked up ingredients for pizza at Target. We didn't follow the directions on the pizza crust and it had to be thrown away because it was too sticky, so Carson went out and bought a pre-made crust. In the spirit of full disclosure, the pizza debacle lead to a ridiculous argument. He made breadsticks and two pizzas. There was salad too, but it didn't get documented. 

And then I did what I do on almost every anniversary... I tried on my wedding dress! Still fits, but I couldn't find the bustier that goes under it so it looks a little "off". In the spirit of even more disclosure, that folded laundry was from several days before, and it's still there as I write this. It's been quite a week.

Oh yeah! We went on a walk so I could use my new running shoes, and when we came back, this was in the driveway. The neighbor across the street told us that some other neighbors down the street left this for us. So nice! It wasn't because it was our anniversary; they just left it coincidentally.
The thing is... the neighbor kids next door asked if they could play on the hammock and I said yes... so for several days, they were jumping and swinging on it. Then I went to sit on it on Monday and barely touched it and...apparently one of the metal things at the bottom snapped, so the whole thing folded in and I was suddenly sprawled out, helpless on the ground. It was hilarious, but I feel bad that it's broken. I think that it could have been all the jumping, and the fact that it was an old hammock base didn't help. 

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