Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1,096 Days

Three Years ago today, we stood under Spanish moss draped oaks and said our vows. 
We made promises without really knowing where those would lead us. What would "for better or for worse" entail? What did it look like to serve and to put another person before yourself?
We didn't know where we'd be living three years later (actually, we weren't sure about three months later at the time), or if we'd have children, or how the money thing was going to work out or if we would argue about toothpaste tubes (turns out that it's not much of an issue, since we prefer different kinds)...
We've learned a lot in three years. We've learned little things and big things, realized areas where we need to grow, figured out which movies we'll both like, discovered that 70 degrees is the only temperature we're both okay with (but cold is preferred by him, warmth by me). 
Is it always wonderful? 
But when I look back to that day three years ago, I see so much change, so much growth and it makes me so excited for the future. Love you, Carson!


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