Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

The zoo is free on Mondays for Cuyahoga County residents, so we've been meaning to go for awhile. Finally, there was a Monday where I didn't have to work, so we took off for the zoo!

Carson took lots of pictures. LOTS.
 Grandmama and Granddaddy, there weren't many birds (maybe we missed them?), so I'm sorry for missing out giving you bird carving ideas. There was a random seagull but I didn't consider it worthy for a picture. 

First, there were Monkeys. They were on a little island along with goats and ducks. I'm not sure what the ducks and goats had to do with them (there wasn't a sign for the goats; like they had just wondered onto the island)

Nearby was a Persian Leopard. It was chuffing, a sort of weird growl. It scared a group of children passing by.

This zebra was brown and white, not black and white... have we been deceived all our lives?

Carson was excited about the Rhinos. I had to sort through 15 pictures of these guys.

And next were Giraffes. These were my favorite animal when I was about 6 and my mom still has a painting I did of a giraffe hanging in the kitchen. My siblings used to call me "Lin-giraffe" which always bothered me because it didn't flow. 

We set the camera on self-timer mode on top of a trash can for this one. 

Poor Tiger was pacing back and forth.

We went to the "Wolf Lodge" but the Wolf was running back and forth right in front of the glass and this was the best picture we got.

A little beaver who appeared to be taking a mid-afternoon snooze.

A bald eagle. I felt like there should have been an American flag in the background.

The idea of Reindeer was exciting to me, but they looked like lazy, mangy deer.

I'm not confident that the one on the left was actually living; the other two were moving.

Camels have to be the strangest looking animals. 

We spent the most time looking at the bears. They were playing (fake fighting/biting one another) and seemed very dog-like. Pretty sure I wouldn't like them as much up close. 

You can hear Carson laughing in the background at these bears.

Polar bears have incredibly large feet. 

This is a Sun Bear, fully grown. The sign said that he's the smallest of all bears (about the same as a medium sized dog). He had very long claws for such a small guy.

This black bear was napping very close to the edge of a little cliff. 

And this guy wanted to know if we wanted a piece of him. Doesn't he look like he's having a stand-off?

The Koala slept the whole time we were in that exhibit. 

The Tree Kangaroo was pretty cute and probably the cleanest looking animal there. So shiny.

We then went to see the Gorillas, where I put my best Gorilla face to use, thanks to the teachings of my wise Uncle Mike ;)

They have large hands.

Many animals seemed to be taking afternoon naps. These monkeys joined the club.

The Lemurs, by contrast, were bouncing around, and peeing everywhere. They seemed like the grossest animals. 

I feel like Dr. Suess drew this one up. 

I guess these ones were bathing.

Bush Babies - they were hopping around everywhere. This little fellow was chasing my hand. 

I begged Carson to take this picture. 

Aslan was there.

All but one of the Lions jumped off the rock by the time I set the timer up... oh well.

And there was a Dinosaur exhibit that was closed (Carson was disappointed), but this guy near the exit growled and moved.

Altogether a great way to spend the afternoon. 
And yes, we did say "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!" at least once.

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  1. "He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion"
    -CS Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


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