Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tribe Game

It's fun living in (okay, just outside) a big city. There are always things to do, community events to attend, and games to watch. We caught a Cleveland Indians game with some friends from church one recent Friday night. The Indians have been doing well (as of the time I wrote this post) this season which is unusual, so the stadium was actually really crowded. It was fun being swept along by a sea of people as we figured out where to buy tickets and how to enter the gate to Progressive Field. The bleacher (cheap) seats were sold out, so we had to get tickets one step up. 

We got our picture taken... I took a screenshot when we got home that night (morning)

The guys rushed to find their seats, but Lana and I took our time, selecting hot dogs, cotton candy, cracker jacks - and bottled water - to make the most of our time at the ballpark. We took the scenic route, taking pictures along the way. 

The Indians were playing the Seattle Mariners, so of course Carson and his friend Luke (also from the Seattle area - small world) were the only two in the stadium who seemed to care if the Mariners scored. They were seriously the only two cheering when the Mariners did anything.

Our seats were waaaaay in the back (there was only one row behind us) but we had a good view of the jumbo-tron and the sunset

Gorgeous, right? It's the first sunset I think I've really seen here.

We were trying to get our phones to work so that we could upload pictures to Instagram or Facebook but Verizon didn't have service. What a sad life (haha)

See? Cheering for the Mariners.

A few tense extra innings later, the Indians won. 

Friday nights are Fireworks nights at the field, so that was fun!

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