Monday, May 13, 2013


Down the road from us, truly a short walk, is a popular local grilled cheese place called Melt. It's been on our Cleveland list for awhile, and when we were deciding where to go for lunch after church with friends recently, they suggested Melt. So we went, and we're glad we did. 
It's not a place for the faint of heart, and I think I mean that literally because the portions were HUGE and extremely greasy. Slaw and fries come on the side and it's definitely a big meal. 
I took pictures on my phone because it was really a very fun place. If you visit, we might take you there. 

The menus are on the back of old record covers. And for having grilled cheese, I was surprised by ALL the options. You can basically get any sandwich that has cheese as a grilled cheese.

And each month they have a different specialty sandwich. Carson was brave and decided to indulge in this monstrosity. And I know it looks terrible, but it actually wasn't (just horrible for you).

I got the mushroom grilled cheese which actually may have been one of the healthier options though that's not why I chose it. It looks like a burger, but no, those are mushrooms, topped with caramelized onions and provologne. I had the rest of this for dinner that night.

And as we waited for our friends to arrive, I made Carson take pictures with me. The second one is truly frightening (of me).


  1. Ironically, as I read this, "Man vs. Food" is highlighting Melt.

  2. It's so fun checking out new restaurants! This place looks delicious!


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