Monday, May 6, 2013

Chagrin Falls

One of the places we were told to go before we ever moved to the area was Chagrin Falls. It's a little village about 20 minutes away. It's cute and touristy and they have waterfalls, so there's fun for the whole family. You've seen our adventures there in the winter with Brooke and Levi, and there's one other time we went (we had just moved here), but one afternoon, we decided to drive out there for a little date night. It was after 5 when we arrived, so many of the little shops were closed (except for a used bookstore, where Carson of course found a treasure). Still, it was nice to be outdoors in nice weather and enjoy warmth, waterfalls and snacks (popcorn for me, ice cream for Carson).


  1. Cute shoes! You bought some of those herbs for yourself, right?

  2. It was bitterly cold and snowy when we were there...yay for spring!


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