Friday, May 10, 2013

Cleveland Metroparks

We've heard good things about the metroparks surrounding the city and since it's been warm (there have been random days with snow flurries and days where scraping the car has been needed too), we headed over to a nearby one recently. We discovered walking trails, playgrounds, a river (I feel like waterfalls cast a spell on Carson. He loves the water.) and the loveliness of being outside our suburban surroundings.

I have no idea how far we walked, but I felt like running, so I left Carson behind (he was wearing Chacos) and took off. My knees tend to hurt when I run these days, so I don't do it very often anymore. It felt wonderful though. I used to run by the river on the Centennial Trail in Spokane and I didn't realize how much I missed it until this day. I ended my run sitting by the water, until Carson caught up with me a half hour or so later (he was climbing on rocks and gazing at the river as he meandered back).

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