Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things That Happened in April

Better late than never. Here are some things that happened this month that didn't merit one post but altogether let you know a little bit of what we're up to.

Carson got this bookshelf from a sale his school was having - now it resides in the guest room. In case you're wondering, this makes a total of seven bookshelves in our home. 

While he was setting up books, he told me that he thought I could probably fit into this bucket. He was right. Getting up was more of a problem.

This was taken a month ago, but Carson's been busy researching, writing, giving lectures in undergraduate classes, presenting papers, and naturally doing a little light reading. I used to think that I read a lot. 

Told you this was random. The Yankee Candle outlet (I didn't know they existed) was having a really great sale, which landed me with 18 little candles and scented wax "tarts" that I'm using in my Scentsy warmer. We'll be set for a long time.

The snow shovel and the beach chair. Because you can never be too prepared. 

I keep green onions in water in our breakfast nook. Just snip off the tops, change the water, and they last forever. I added a basil plant to this little indoor garden and plan on adding some more herbs as it gets warmer.

My retainer cracked down the middle recently. For eight years I wore this thing faithfully every night, until it fell out of its case, onto the floor and I stepped on it. 

I just really like my co-workers. 

These things were found on Carson's night table. Always be prepared.

I'm not sure why, but he texted this to me one day. I don't even remember him using that thing.

Carson made dinner one night: a yummy pasta sauce, too much pasta and smoothies. I know that sounds like a weird combination, but it's basically a salad in a blender (spinach, carrots, an apple, protein and raspberries), topped with whipped cream to make you think it's not healthy. 

Mr. Diligent. 

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