Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

I began compiling this post on January 15th. Nearly nothing had happened yet in 2015 and all sorts of possibilities were to be imagined. I filled in things that would probably happen each month, like our anniversary, birthdays and major holidays. There's no way to know at the beginning of the year what the following months will hold. They may be good, or they may be terrible. They may be terrible but we see them in a good light, or good, but we have different expectations and see them as bad. I love writing these recaps and putting things in over the course of a year because in just twelve months, lots happens. There's plenty that is blogged about, and also lots of things that aren't. I didn't write about the icky things that happened last March or the great conversation we had after church last Sunday, but as I compile, those things come to mind and make me thankful for the gift of remembrance.

This blog's purpose is to remember each year and to compile a snapshot of our life together that isn't complete, but can remind us of where we've come, what we looked like, what was going on. Just like whatever will happen (has happened) this year, it's imperfect and not whole, but we can be thankful for the little things, the big things, and the in between things that blogs just can't capture. So thanks for reading in 2015, for following along with us this year, and for understanding that this little blog is really just a way to capture some of the things we've done.


Lindsay met baby Clayton in Virginia
Carson taught his first class
We went to Ocala


We felt very confident in our ability to make-over furniture so we stained the rocking chair, effectively ending our plans of becoming furniture refinishers.
We had a quiet Valentine's Day
Went to Savannah for a weekend with friends


Over Spring Break, we had quite the adventure:
We went to Birmingham, Nashville and Atlanta, and Lindsay went to Louisville
Lindsay had a birthday!
Morgan visited us in Tallahassee/we went to the beach for the first time!


We celebrated Easter in Beaufort
Zack and Erica visited Tallahassee for 24 hours
We also went to the beach on a weekday during the school year, which is impressive


We went to Disney World (Magic Kingdom and Epcot) with Carson's brother and family
Met my parents in Jacksonville for the weekend
We celebrated 5 years of marriage (and went to Disney World again)
Brooke and little Clayton came to visit


I went to Ocala for Morgan's first baby shower
and to Beaufort for Morgan's shower, which turned into an adventure
Carson drove up to Beaufort to meet me and we went to Hilton Head (part of the aforementioned adventure)


Jillian, Graceanna and Wren came to visit us (here)!
We went up to Thomasville for the first time!
We visited the Northwest for the first time in almost three years (recap is here)!

Fall semester began 

Went to the first football game of the season and beat Texas State! 
Lindsay went to Birmingham for a girls' weekend


We went camping!
Chloe and Ricky got married in Beaufort
Carson went to Harvard to present a paper (and I don't have pictures of him so here's what I did)
We celebrated Halloween in Ocala with our first-ever group costume


Lindsay started a new job!
Carson went to Washington for his grandpa's funeral 
Carson went to Atlanta for a conference
We traveled to Beaufort for Thanksgiving


Carson's parents visited from Washington!
Carson turned 29
We celebrated Christmas in Tallahassee

Places we traveled and explored:
Virginia (January)
Savannah (February)
Nashville (March)
Louisville (March)
Atlanta (March)
Charleston (April, August)
Birmingham (March, September)
Hilton Head (June)
Washington and Oregon (July)
Panama City (September)
Cambridge/Boston (October)

A theme of this year was:
I asked Carson for help on this, and he came up with this:
Unsettled, settling, settled
For a long time we didn't feel like we had a place in Tallahasee and while it's a fine place to live, it's a little hard to be in a place with no friends and not really have a church family, so we felt unsettled. We've visited lots of churches (easily over 10) and have tried to settle at four of them. We finally feel settled in this fourth church, which we began attending in September. Because of the holidays and such we won't become members until after the new year, but we finally have a community group that we feel a part of and we are starting to feel like this is our home. The church is what made Cleveland so dear to us in such a short period of time and I'm so thankful to have finally found that here. It's nice to have friends that aren't just "nearby but still three hours (or more) away" but people who are right here who we can do life with.

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