Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Luigi's First Shower

My cousin Morgan is like a sister to me, and she only lives three hours away, so when I got the invitation to her baby shower, I knew I would make the short drive.
Carson saw me off in the fun shirt we got in Disney World.

The drive was slightly eventful... at one point the rain was so bad that I could barely see out the window, but I got there in one piece and actually beat Morgan home from work.

Morgan and Caleb had just moved the weekend before, so I got to see their new house (which was of course all set up and totally unpacked because that's how Morgan is). We ate dinner on the back screened porch.

Later that night, we went to Brusters for ice cream. Neither of us are accustomed to being up or out that late, so we had to document getting ice cream at 10:45.

The baby shower was the next morning. I didn't take many pictures, but everything was decorated so well and the food was delicious. 

We got back home, and took a picture with "Luigi" 

Morgan had fun showing Caleb all the spoils from the shower.

And later that evening,  Morgan tried to get video of Luigi doing some crazy kicks and flips in her belly. 

The next morning, I drove home. It was a perfectly sunny drive. 

The day was still young, so Carson and I went to Which Wich for the first time. I think it's relatively new to Tallahassee, but even if it isn't, it was new to us and we LOVED it. We'll definitely be back soon.

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  1. There is a Which Wich opening on Hilton Head and in Bluffton, too, I think.


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