Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Clayton Comes to Visit

My friend Brooke is staying in Beaufort for the summer before her big move to Washington State. This is great because I got to visit her in DC this January, saw her at Easter, and then just a few weeks ago she and Clayton drove down to Tallahassee to visit. 

I had to go into work one day, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. Partially because of the baby, and partially just because, we didn't really do a lot. No beach trips. We got all dressed and ready one day and just went to Target and came home, and our big outing the next day was to the park. It was nice to have the time to relax and spend time together without a big agenda.

We made ourselves brunch after a leisurely morning.

A little lunch before going out to Target.

And a little "Hey, I'm 7 months old today" photo shoot.

We went out to lunch the next day after I got home from work, and hoped that Clayton, who had dozed only 20 minutes, would take another nap. Nope. He decided seven months was just waaay too old to sleep.

We went to the park to walk around, and again hoped that Clayton would nap. And nope.

He was happy, even without his nap.

Clayton was a little scared of Carson, but finally warmed up to him.

Carson also got to change a diaper, which he was disappointed by, because it was just wet and nothing else. He was hoping for more of a challenge.

Clayton decided to pull himself up for the first time on a stack of Carson's books, and then did it again on my knees when I was playing with him in the living room.

One last picture before they left! It was fun having baby toys and baby noises in our apartment for a few days!

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