Friday, May 29, 2015

Three Things

I've seen lots of blogs that post random things on a specific day of the week, and that sounded like fun, so here we go! I've seen mainly lists of five, but I couldn't think of five, so here are three! They aren't really related to each other but that's what makes them random :)

1. Have you heard of Bottle of Tears? I hadn't. Emily and Jillian were together in Arkansas last month and got this for me. It's a company that sends a unique glass bottle with an encouraging message inside to people who are struggling (click the link to find out more). My sweet friends thought of me as we wait to understand what God has next for our family. I so appreciated this gesture, the pretty bottle, and the print they had sent to me for Mother's Day.

2. We've decided to stay put in our apartment for another year. I must confess that I'm really excited not to move, but maybe a little sad that we won't have a place with natural light for another 13 months. Even though we aren't moving, I still want to get a handle on the clutter and extra stuff we have sitting around our home. We have boxes of books that have remained untouched since our arrival, and just STUFF that we don't need or use. I've bagged up lots of clothing that I didn't love or use anymore, and this weekend we're beginning the process of going through the guest room closet. I made a long list of organization things and maybe I'll post about that process soon! For now, I've been motivated by this blog's approach to getting rid of clutter.

3. Still on the hunt for a project to do for our anniversary. Carson's sick this weekend so we DID go to a thrift store looking for something to revamp, but didn't give it our all because we knew we wouldn't actually start or finish a project this week. If we can't find something to re-do, there are some fun projects I'd like to do ourselves: Make an entryway table. We have a bookshelf there now and I am really tired of all the clutter! Or a coffee table. We have a trunk we use as a coffee table now and it's great but it's also good for storage and it's not the worst thing ever but a little inconvenient to take everything off the top of it to get a blanket out. Not end-of-the-world stuff, but we've toyed with the idea of finding a different place for the chest. Another project idea I had? A headboard. I like this tutorial.

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