Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We had a quiet Valentine's Day this year. 
Planning hasn't been our greatest strength lately, for some reason (are we perhaps getting more laid back? Doubtful.). This year, we planned as much as buying orange juice and bacon to have for our Valentine's breakfast, but that was 100% of the planned-ahead material. 

Carson gave me flowers. Tulips, which came in a pot which I was really excited about, but they've already passed on and it hasn't been that long, so apparently love isn't everything when it comes to taking care of plants. 

He also made breakfast, complete with heart-shaped biscuits and extra crispy bacon for both of us, and runny eggs for me and an omelet for him. He's learned my food likes and hates, of which there are many, so basically the celebration could have stopped here.

We didn't really exchange gifts because we wanted to get Netflix so we let that be our gift to each other (best idea I've ever had). I did get him a big Reeses peanut butter heart and a little stuffed monkey with big eyes attached to some conversation hearts. I hadn't really thought about wrapping them so I found the most pink and red Christmas bag I had (it already had Carson's name on it - a plus!) and put them inside. He gave me the tulips (my favorite flower. Or have I said that a million times already?) and a king size Payday bar. One thing I do like about Valentine's Day is that you get/give stuff but it doesn't have to be expensive or super well thought out (we both bought these things on Friday night, pretending to have an "errand" to run randomly like the other person didn't know).

For Valentine's Day, we stayed in our PJs and watched Netflix. Appropriate since that was our gift. I introduced Carson to Gilmore Girls which he LOVED (loves, we have awhile to go before finishing all 7 seasons). We thought about going out earlier in the day to lunch but decided to stick with the laziness thing and just hung out on the couch.
That evening, we dragged ourselves off the couch and got ready to see a movie. We took pictures to prove it.

We'd planned on seeing The Imitation Game (I only tell you because I know you're going to wonder if we were possibly going to be those people who went to see 50 Shades of Grey, but we were not. You probably didn't think so anyway.), but when we got to the theater, which was PACKED, it was sold out. And all the other movies were sold out too. So we walked around the mall the movie theater was in for like ten minutes, then stopped at Wendys for Frosty's and went home. 
And it was a great day. Getting dressed up and going somewhere was really just a guilt thing anyway. 

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