Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Here are some things we've done recently while we haven't been updating this blog. Pictures and stories.

We went to Ocala at the end of January. Carson presented a paper at a conference in Gainesville and that's really close to Ocala so we made a weekend of it. We watched a lot of the Food Network and HGTV, as usual. We went to Redbox and picked some stellar movies (aka awful), Morgan made meals in the crockpot, Carson and Caleb went to a basketball game, and we all went to lunch at a tasty place called Mojos after church on Sunday, where I had fish tacos for the first time and loved them. It was a restful and relaxing weekend, in part because Morgan is pregnant and was in her first trimester at the time. It was still great being with friends (who are actually family!) and we enjoyed our time (and Carson's paper presentation went well!).

I didn't stand on my tip-toes for this, and I really should have. 

It was sunny on our way back up to Tallahassee, so we sat in the sunshine at a rest stop.

Fun Mail
One day several weeks ago we had a "fun mail" day, which involved getting zero credit card offers or random sale papers in the mail. We got: a funny little decal for our car, Stella (thanks, Dad), a monogrammed headband and sweatshirt (which I wouldn't actually wear together - but thanks, Mom!) and our Amazon FireTV Stick, which we bought with a Christmas gift card. It is AMAZING. 

Camping In
The weekend that we stained the rocking chair, Carson made a tent in the living room. We sat in it while we watched a movie and then went to sleep in our own bed because it wasn't actually that comfy.

Just Random
I had a pen and Carson's leg was just sitting there, so I started with a smiley face and ended up drawing a... horrible cow. I can't draw well anyway, but for the record, it's usually better than this.

New Wreath
I got together with a friend from work and we made wreaths. Here's mine! It's springy/summery but I didn't really care.

Carson in High School
A friend of Carson's from high school texted this to him recently. This picture was taken on a trip his group of friends took after high school graduation. That thing in the background is a (apparently famous?) drive-through tree in California! Also noteworthy: it's been ten years since Carson graduated from high school.

Space Shuttle
Dad called me one night because the space shuttle (it wasn't actually that  but I can't remember what it was) was going up into space and was launching from near me. He got everyone at his work to go out and look it and got Carson and I to go to our street and do the same. And we saw it at the same time!

 You can't see it in this picture unless you know what you're looking for and have very good eyes. So here's a picture of the end of our street!

Two Stories:
The ticketing agent at the airport on my way to DC in January checked my ID as I handed over my bags. She started to hand it back, then rethought and checked again, something I'm used to, as I know I look younger than I am (if you tell me that one day I'll be thankful, save it - I've heard it before and don't need to hear it again though I know your intentions are kind). She said however that she was making sure I was OLD ENOUGH to fly alone. I'm not sure what the age is, but I'm almost 26, so the answer is yes, I am old enough. But thanks.

Carson hates cutting his hair, but also hates when it's longish and obvious that he has bedhead. He also doesn't like spending money on haircuts (a trait both of us sadly share). If he doesn't wet his hair in the morning it will at times look like a crazy party, which sometimes I notice and sometimes I don't mention because I assumed he noticed. So we were in the car halfway to church when Carson looks at his hair in the mirror and exclaims, "Why didn't you tell me I look like Bert from Sesame Street?" so I turned and looked, and he definitely did. I'm alone writing this and cracking up at the memory. I asked him why he didn't do anything back at the house and he told me "You are supposed to check for these things! I don't have time to look in a mirror!" which I'm taking to heart in the future. So now sometimes he'll be dressed in the morning and I'll say "You look sort of like Bert" and he will thank me and take a shower. Marriage is weird.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of exciting happenings! I love that sunset (or sunrise) in the last pic. WOW!


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