Monday, March 9, 2015

26 Random Things About Lindsay

Today, I'm 26! Here's a random list of things about me. You might know all of these already, and that's okay. I like lists a lot and thought it would be fun to come up with these. Happy Birthday to me!
  1. Sitting through a movie or even a TV show without something to do is torture. If you've seen me creating lots of things, it probably also means I'm really caught up on the shows I'm watching because I can't sit still... I must have my phone, a project, or something in front of me. For the same reason, I'm not a huge fan of going to see movies in the theater. I get this from my mom.
  2. I like to cook but I don't like to bake. I don't enjoy baked goods as much as I do a good savory main dish and all the measurements and the "chill for one hour" don't seem worth it. When I've done it in the past, I've liked baking, so I think if I had more people to practice on, I'd enjoy it, but two people certainly don't need 3 dozen cookies hanging around.
  3. Trying new things is very difficult for me. I've found that I usually like whatever the new thing is (unless it's some sort of a new game - very iffy) but I HATE knowing I'm going to do something for the first time or be around new people. The anticipation kills me. 
  4. I tell myself stories when I'm trying to fall asleep. My brain likes to compose lists of things to do the next day, or begin a mental countdown of how long I have left to sleep at night... so to distract myself and give me some mental "white noise", I tell a story.
  5. To remember things, I have to make a clicking noise or snap my fingers. I'm not sure why I do it or for how long I've been doing it, but when I was snapping my fingers remembering something about a year ago, I realized that I'd been doing it while zoned out... in a coworker's face! Sorry!
  6. I love infomercials. I've never bought anything from one (you have to call! and who wants to pay the shipping and handling?!) but I think they are such a great form of entertainment. 
  7. Most of you who read this know this, but I'm 1/4 Mexican, from my mom's side. This is why I don't burn like crazy at the beach. I'm only writing it because when I was in Virginia in January, I was talking about our Christmas Eve tamales tradition and Brooke apparently didn't know that little fact... and we've been friends for 18 years. To be fair, it really isn't obvious and sounds like a lie. 
  8. If I could have competed in any Olympic event, it would definitely be figure skating. I've always loved ice skating and I'm just certain that if I'd grown up in a colder climate, I would be world-renowned by now. When I was younger, I really wanted to do gymnastics, so that would have been a close second (a third would be something track related... just because it would be fun to see how fast you could go).
  9. I don't have a favorite book (if pressed, I would give you the name of a random book I do like), but I do love to read. I'd probably say my favorite genre (if this can be called that because it's broad) is historical fiction. Many of the historical dates and figures I actually remember from grade school are due to historical fiction.
  10. Around my birthday every year, I get a little freaked out thinking that every place I go is actually going to be a surprise party for me. I had one when I was 17 and while I did appreciate the thought of my kind friends, I really hate surprises. If I know other people like them, I have no problem even planning one, but to be the guest of honor? A recurring nightmare. True story: on my eighth birthday, my family was out to lunch and my grandmother had the wait staff sing to me. They entered the room, I jumped up, crying, and jumped in my dad's lap. Needless to say, no one's tried that trick again. 
  11. People at my last two jobs have for whatever reason not just called me "Lindsay" but "Lindsay Bay". I know this is my name, but they've made it into a double name, like "Mary Katherine" or something. I think it's funny, and it does sound very southern. 
  12. If I could do any form of workout, it would be something like running stairs. I used to do that in Spokane and LOVED it. And looking back at pictures, it paid off. I am not the kind of person who wants to be at the gym or sweating for hours upon hours. I mean, CLEARLY, but still.
  13. I love candles, and of course I'm picky about them. I don't like food scents, like vanilla and caramel and apple pie, or things that smell spicy like cinnamon or cloves, or anything that's "cotton" scented (because it doesn't smell like fresh sheets. It smells like pure chemical). I love the Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam candle at Christmas and the Pumpkin Pie candle by Walmart's Mainstays brand (thanks for the hint, Grandmama!). I like floral and citrus, mango, coconut, and lemongrass. Bath and Body Works is my favorite place to buy candles, and they're pretty good about having sales or good coupons.
  14. My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella. I think it's because of the mice and not because of Prince Charming. 
  15. I took Russian in high school. I wish I'd tried harder and practiced more and gone further with that. At this point, I don't know when I'd use Russian, but I think it's a beautiful language and I'd love to master it.
  16. If I had been a boy, my name would have been Christian Palmer. If my sister had been a boy, her name would have been Christian Palmer. Six years after I was born, my parents had a boy, but his name is Scott. 
  17. Coffee. I make it everyday, but I don't drink it. I'm at the point where I've tasted it enough and don't mind it, and could probably work a little to even drink it black, but since I don't feel like I NEED the caffeine, I'm going to put off trying to like coffee for another time in my life. 
  18. My favorite time periods to read and learn more about are Civil War and World War II. My least favorite time period is definitely anything middle ages. I find movies or books or anything set in those times to be tedious. I don't know why!
  19. I'd love to find something to do where I can work from home. Is this partially because I am lazy? Yes. But also I think it would be fun to develop a creative skill and get to the point where I can fully love what I'm doing. I think my problem is that I know I'm not REALLY great at one thing, I'm mostly average at a lot of things... so which to choose to get better at? 
  20. I love personality tests. I re-take take the Meyers-Briggs test every once in awhile and with most versions of it, I am an INTJ. When I look up descriptions of that type, I'm not convinced that it's me. Since I was talking about it, I took this test and got ISFP.
  21. I hate beer. I like hard cider and other things that do not taste especially like alcohol, so mostly, I stick to Diet Coke. It's cheaper and I'm guaranteed to like it. 
  22. I've learned that I'm not an immediate trend-follower. I usually have a couple of months (or years) of hating a particular trend before I warm up to the idea or stick with my original impression. Things I've bought into but not until later include Toms shoes (I just bought my first pair last year), skinny jeans (2012; necessary with boots), topknots, and my nose ring. The latter was out of fear for pain though. It probably can't hurt to think on things for a bit before doing them? Plus I'm a chicken.
  23. I'm getting into crossword puzzles, but I've been doing them via an app on my phone. These are marvelous! I love puzzles and logical things and trying to reason, and it's not something I just do naturally on a daily basis, so this is great. I think I've lost a little brain function in that area (because practice makes perfect), so maybe by this time next year I'll be in Mensa.
  24. Carson thinks I'm the pickiest person EVER when it comes to food, and compared to him I totally am. Here's the thing though. I grew up eating white rice and porkchops and just very "normal" and bland foods. I didn't have an avocado until I was 22. I didn't eat ethnic foods until I went with friends. I'm not very adventurous and if I go to a place with a turkey sandwich on the menu and nothing else looks familiar, I'm probably getting it. But my point is... I've grown! I do try new things! Still hate carrots though. Nothing I can do to make myself eat a raw carrot, and I like familiar things. Sorry, Carson.
  25. I didn't think I was the kind of person who loves getting gifts, but I totally am. It's not why I love Christmas, but it's definitely something I look forward to on birthdays and holidays. I can't decide if it's materialism or just because I like that someone thought of me. Likely a little sprinkle of each. I love coming up with things for other people too, but often fear of it being the "right" gift paralyzes me and I just send a card. 
  26. I don't like doing things by myself. I know people who are adventurers and go out and explore new cities and countries alone, but I don't think I'd enjoy it (who knows, I guess). I think half the fun of seeing someplace new is talking it over and experiencing it with other people!

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