Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nothing Special

I got a new phone, so Carson saw fit to leave me a message from my old one :)

For I think the second time (maybe the third, but I doubt it), I beat Carson in Scrabble.

Picked up supplies for my store and got asked if I was buying supplies for some sort of weird diet. 

Note to self: Always check Carson's pockets! We once had an incident with a purple crayon and some pillowcases. Thankfully nothing happened with this particular pen because if it had, it would have been all over the perpetrator's khakis and light colored dress shirts. Whew.

My brother turned 20! We FaceTimed him to wish him a happy birthday. 

There's no such thing as just blow-drying my hair and leaving the house. A customer recently told me "You have BIG hair with the emphasis on big like that. My hair was straightened and in a ponytail and not huge but I guess he meant that I have thick hair? Moral of the story: when in doubt, talk about the weather.

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