Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not Really Noteworthy

When we repainted the dresser in January, it really got me thinking about more things I'd been wanting to update. We refinished the rocking chair and are a little burnt out on big projects like that (it would have been so much easier to have done a table or something without so many angles!), but I've been bitten by the bug and keep repainting an updating things. Here are a few. 

I repainted this rolling cart and love it now. 

I got this little faux wheatgrass plant with a gift card after our wedding. I've always loved the bright green color, but I wasn't crazy about something about it. Couldn't put my finger on it for awhile and then I realized that the black bottom just made it too not me. So I spray painted it. I put a plastic bag over the grass and tucked it way down so paint wouldn't get on the green. Then I sprayed away! I will say that this particular brand of paint was super cheap and super not worth it. My forearm ached for days from the trigger of the thing!

Carson got me this chalkboard for my birthday last year and I love it, but I've wanted to paint the frame since I got it. I thought about a bright color but went with gold, because it's kind of a neutral, but isn't black (the chalkboard is already black) or white (I don't think our walls are a true white, so white against off white would have driven me nuts). I just used "antique gold" folk art brand acrylic paint. One coat. Super easy.

I found this lamp at a Goodwill. There were actually two, and they both were super dirty (you really can't tell in the picture). I thought it would be different to do a fun color, so I went for it. It will probably return to its original color eventually, but the bright blue is fun for now!

Other things I've painted/updated:
The tall lamp base in the living room. I sprayed it with Oil Rubbed Bronze paint which didn't make a huge difference in color, but it did cover up a place where the old finish on the lamp was flaking up, which was the point.
The black frame around the mirror in the living room was a matte finish and parts of it were rubbed off, so I've been intending to update it for a long time. I finally got to it with some craft paint, and then I put a coat of glossy mod podge on top. It looks way better to me.

Things on my list to paint or update:
We have a random chair that is begging to be given a new seat cushion and paint.
The mirror on the mantel - I can't decide what color I'd give it. Something light since this place is so dark.
Mirror frame in our bedroom - it's white and apparently more of an off-white and has moved enough times where it's got dings and things.

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