Friday, March 13, 2015

Louisville, Kentucky

I went to Louisville, Kentucky on the Saturday of our road trip. 
Carson saw me out to the car, and wrote this message to other drivers. Thanks? 

Worth mentioning is that there was quite the snowstorm two days before this trip. Until that happened, I'd planned to basically drop Carson off in Nashville, head immediately to Louisville, spend the night, bring Erica back with me to Nashville, explore the city, and then meet up with Zack to return her to him. The snow and roads weren't bad on my drive up, but I saw lots of cars still stuck deep in snow on the sides of the road that had clearly been there for a day or so, all with police tape on them. I was glad I didn't try to make the trip a day earlier because I probably would have been fine, but who knows?

 My destination: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Zack and Erica live on campus there in the cutest little apartment. They've done a great job in a small space. Erica gave me the grand tour of the school.

They had some neat exhibits in the library that Carson would have loved.

Zack returned, and we set off to explore Louisville. We went to the walking bridge that begins in Louisville and ends across the river in Indiana. You can get a good view of Louisville from there.

We didn't walk all the way across because as you can see, it was covered in snow and ice.

The Belle of Louisville, sitting in a nearly flooded waterfront. They got lots of snow and it was supposed to get really flooded when it melted.

And here's the Louisville Slugger Museum. We didn't go in because I was only in the city for 5 hours, but it looked neat!

And the worst name for an arena goes to.... The KFC Yum! Center

 Next we went to the site of the Kentucky Derby: Churchill Downs. Tours were more than we wanted to pay, so we went to the gift shop. Same thing, right? We couldn't see the track from there, but we still had fun.

We went to a cute area with lots of shops and restaurants. We went to a place called "Why Louisville" that had lots of tshirts and things.

We had Qdoba for lunch because I've never been there before. It was pretty good!

Next we went to the grave of Colonel Harland Sanders... that's right, the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy.

We went back to campus next, and met up with GraceAnna who's also from my hometown, in her minivan there. We got to catch up while her girls played in the parked car, as they were out running errands when we texted to meet up. Her sweet newborn son was napping at home with his daddy. GraceAnna's husband attends SBTS as well, and her dad was my pastor growing up. Small world, isn't it?

We wrapped up the trip with a roomie picture, before I headed back to Tennessee. It was a total trip of 10 hours, since Nashville was 2.5 hours away and I was only there for 5 hours, but I'm glad that I made the trek! And despite the snow on the ground, it was around 40 degrees. That was a relief!

Until next time, Louisville!


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