Thursday, December 3, 2015

Glittery Christmas Tree

Carson had a lot of conferences this fall, which gave me lots of time to craft! I made two glittery Christmas trees and love them! 

I used: fine glitter (mine is from Michaels, a styrofoam tree (from WalMart, but they have cardboard ones at craft stores), and regular glue. Oh, and a paintbrush and two paper plates. 

I first brushed on the glue with a paintbrush over a plastic bag. 

Then I sprinkled the glitter on my tree, over another plastic bag (but you could use a paper plate as well, which I did the second time)

It's a little messy.

After it was slightly dry, I did another coat of glue and added more glitter. For the second one I did, I used Mod Podge instead of regular glue and also did a coat on the outside. It doesn't look as shimmery but it does shed less, so do whatever you want. 

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