Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Weekend

The day after we went to Thomasville, we continued the Christmassing by going to a Christmas ballet!

My cousin Sydney has been doing ballet for thirteen years, and I finally made it to one of her performances! We went to Ocala for the annual performance of "Emmanuel". Sydney was Mary in the ballet and even though I'm biased, I'm pretty sure she was the best dancer out there. There was a live baby as Jesus, and it cried through part of it, but Sydney was a champ and didn't let it get in the way of the performance. 

We hung out at Morgan's after the afternoon performance and Grandmama and Granddaddy came over for a little bit before they went to the evening performance. 

Grayson wasn't thrilled that we were taking a picture instead of giving him something to eat, but I think this picture is hilarious. 

Carson held the baby while Morgan and I ate our delicious Pesto Pasta (Pioneer Woman recipe and it's amazing) and Caleb napped.

Then we made ornaments using Grayson's first Christmas as an excuse. He actually laughed and thought the process was enjoyable, although he was very wiggly. 

Our husbands went somewhere to watch some fight so Morgan and I baked slice-and-bake cookies and exchanged gifts and watched the worst Hallmark Christmas movie ever (it's a two part movie which they don't tell you until the end... and the second part comes out next year)

We left the next morning and then I had my work Christmas party that night. It's hard doing Secret Santa when you're the new person at a job but I asked around and got the right thing and had a good time at the party!

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