Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a merry Christmas at our little apartment in Tallahassee! It's not the first Christmas we've had just the two of us but was the first in Florida and it was actually enjoyable and relaxing. In the past we've had our own "Christmas morning" a day or two before or after the actual holiday because we were going to be with family. 

We started by sleeping in. I was up late on Christmas Eve doing laundry (so festive! But it was a busy week) so we slept in and didn't open presents until later in the morning. 

We had to take our Christmas morning picture first, of course. 

And while the phone was still on the tripod, mom and dad called and we Facetimed with them for a little bit before starting on unwrapping.

We left the phone on the tripod and took pictures every once in awhile with the timer, so we didn't actually know when a picture was being taken but we were still able to have pictures. 
Here we are opening a thoughtful gift from Carson's uncle: both of his grandparents (on the Bay side) died this year, so Carson's uncle put together a book of pictures of their lives and sent one to us. It wasn't expected and it's special to have.

I got a FitBit!

Carson got a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. His family always had a shelf of books like this, and on the top shelf in this picture is part of our little collection.

I guess you could say that a tradition my family has is to not clean up the wrappings as we go, but to leave them on the floor. It feels more festive to me somehow, so we did that and just left a mess while we watched Brave, which is one of Carson's favorite Disney movies and was oddly difficult to track down for Christmas.

This Christmas broke records! It was 85 degrees on Christmas day. We went with it and wore short sleeves and sandals to the movie theater. You may have noticed this already, but Carson is wearing his Home Alone shirt that my mom made for him last year.

We saw The Big Short, which we enjoyed but probably didn't understand all that well. I've never been to the movies on Christmas but I know that lots of people go; it was packed!

After the movie, we went to the only place we found open (we knew they were open because we called the day before) and got Chinese take-out. Either Chinese food on Christmas is a thing, or this place is super popular, but they were quite busy. It came out so quickly though!

We forgot that they give you a lot of food. It was all really good though!

And we finished our advent calendar from Trader Joes!

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