Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Pictures

I sat down to work on something as Carson finished up the vacuuming and thought my feet up would make a funny picture. We spent the day cleaning and making things Chrismassy.

A quick dinner of spinach ravioli, mushrooms and raspberries. 

The first time I was on my own drawer at work. I asked if I could take a picture of the screen because I was SO NERVOUS that I was going to be missing millions of dollars (note I have not and will never touch millions of dollars but I over think everything). I am really liking it still and I'm so glad I made the change. 

While Carson's been on break he's been driving me to work, picking me up to have lunch together, and picking me up at the end of the day. I work longer hours now but we are definitely seeing each other much more often now that I'm closer to the school.

We sometimes walk around Lake Ella on my lunch breaks since I work in Midtown. It looks fallish, doesn't it?!

We finished our Christmas shopping on Decemeber 5th (started in late September because I spotted the perfect thing for Dad and thought it would be a nice thing to not spend all our money at one time in December but rather spread it out just in case). We went to the mall to find a few last things for people that day and discovered that Bath and Body Works had three wick candles for $8.50 when they are usually $22.50. We love the mall at Christmas and didn't mind the long windy line in there to stock up on said candles. 

I made headbands for my nieces Christmas gifts this year! Although I did finish shopping in early December, it was a week or two later that I finished the gifts I made. I will have to start earlier next year. 

The ugly sweater I got for ugly sweater day at work. It's not the most ugly and is really just HUGE and not flattering and way too hot to actually wear. 

I sometimes make Carson brush my hair while we watch a movie. I had Christmas Eve-Eve (December 23rd) off work so we made that the day of our annual Christmas movie marathon and so I got my hair brushed a lot. 

Our Community Group Christmas party was fun! It was the night Carson's parents came into town. We had lots of tasty food, a white elephant gift exchanged, and played telephone pictionary. We've played a lot before but if you haven't the idea is that everyone has a stack of paper with as many sheets as there are people. On the first sheet, you write something down (I wrote "away in a manger", but people can do phrases or describe something or write someone's name), then you pass your stack of paper to the left with the sheet you wrote on top. Using whatever the person wrote, you draw a picture of whatever it is and put the thing they wrote on the bottom. Again, you pass to the left. You keep going alternating writing-drawing-writing-drawing trying to best describe or depict what you see or read. It goes around until everyone ends up with their original stack of paper and then you read them all aloud. For instance, mine that said "Away in a manger" started out with someone drawing a manger scene, someone writing "the first christmas", someone else drawing a manger scene... then it changed when someone wrote "the most wonderful time of the year". A huge football fanatic took that as a sign and drew a football stadium.  and then by the time it got back to me somehow there was a manger scene again. Some were hilarious and others stayed pretty true, but it's a pretty good group game. 

I drew the cow jumps over the moon here,  but I can't remember if the original one was indeed supposed to be a cow jumping over a moon.

And for the white elephant, I brought the armadillo purse I'd somehow received from someone one year. Yep, real armadillo. Yep, you can buy them on Ebay. Yep, it's a little scary and lived in the back of my closet until now. But someone stole this gift and was planning on giving it for someone as a real Christmas gift, so it went to a good home. 

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