Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015 Pictures

I started a new job! After three years at my old job, it was time to start something new. I'm going to be working at a bank and spent the entire month of November in training. I'm really excited about this newest chapter! 

We babysat for some friends from Carson's department,  and had so much fun hanging out with these sweet kids! 

Tried a new restaurant. We skipped lunch and had a very early dinner at 4:30pm. The restaurant was empty except for one other table. 

I got to FaceTime with a dear friend from Cleveland who's now living in New York! It was so good to see Carrie, "meet" her sweet baby, and see her amazing view of the city. Technology is wonderful.

My phone shattered and we went to several different places trying to get a quote to fix it. I asked one person at the mall (who had run out of screens) how often he replaced them and he said it was over 75% of their business. So THAT must be why phones are made of glass - job security. 

Carson took my phone the next day when he went to a meeting and got it fixed. Here it is good as new! 

This fellow was hanging out on my driver's side window on my commute home. I took a video of him looking like he was surfing as he hung on for dear life. He did not make it all the way home, and that was caught on video too, sadly.

The mall is all ready for Christmas!

Carson went to a conference in Atlanta and I did all kinds of things, including hem pants. 

And rearrange my gallery wall and mantel.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went to see the Nutcracker. Carson found cheap (cheaper than seen in this picture) tickets on Groupon so he got to see the ballet for the first time every and actually enjoyed it. Little mishap with this: Groupon had tickets for the Saturday night showing (when we would not be in town) and the Sunday afternoon showing (when we would be in town) and he selected Sunday afternoon. Somehow that registered on Groupon as Sunday evening, so we walked up to the building with a little fear, as we thought maybe they wouldn't let us in and we'd have wasted money. They didn't ask for the Groupon app, just our last name, and right away we were handed two tickets! I guess we were worried for nothing, but word to the wise: read everything six times before you click and then check the emails a million times too, just in case. 

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