Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Every time I've dropped my phone or it's fallen, I've cringed a little as I tentatively reached to pick it up, expecting to see that shattered screen I've seen so many others experience.

I've been an iPhone owner for nearly three years and as careful as I am with the thing, I knew my day was coming. I expected it to be day one, or day-after-warranty or something like that. I definitely didn't expect to make it to this point in my iPhone journey with an unscathed device. 

Today, I put my phone on top of my planner in my arms as I walked out of work, instead of tucking it inside my bag as usual. When I opened the door to leave, I felt something slip out of my grasp and expected it to be the planner and not the iPhone. But it was. 

I looked down, surprised but not that surprised. It was face down, and when I picked it up it was cracked. I've heard people say that it's fine when it falls on the corners but not when it falls flat, and it had fallen flat, straight to its shattered glass death. 

I was surprised by my reaction. My heart didn't get a little adrenaline rush, I didn't make any exclamations at all, just picked it up to do a quick examination, and continued the trek to my vehicle. It was like I knew all along that this would happen. It wasn't day one or day 101, but it happened: I was now the shamed owner of a shattered glass screen, my sin of irresponsibility visible for all to see. I am why we can't have nice things. 

To be fair, this happened to Carson several months ago, so I feel slightly less guilt, and I do TRY to be responsible with it. I'm not sure at all why screens are made of glass at all, surely rubber or even plexiglass would be a better solution for those of us with butterfingers. And why didn't my screen protector do anything to help? 

But there it is, I cracked my phone screen. I've joined rank with people squinting at their phones, uncertain if what they typed is correct because their words are marred by veins of cracked glass. 

In short: irresponsibility isn't worth it.

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