Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Pictures

Setting up the display case at work, I noticed these. I've never seen anyone write on a bagel before and it made me laugh. For the record, I threw them away and started fresh :)

I made this as part of the wedding gift for Chloe and Ricky. 

On our way to Beaufort, Carson and I stopped at a Burger King to use the bathroom and felt bad for not buying anything, so he bought an ICEE and asked for a crown. He wore it the whole way to Beaufort. 

Outside the mall, we noticed these particularly pretty acorns on the ground, so we filled up a shopping bag with them and put them on display. 

Carson got me these flowers the day I gave my two weeks at my job! I was scared to do it because I'm scared of everything, but I have and as I'm writing this, I'm a day away from starting my new one! Can't believe the coffee chapter of my life has come to a close!

We went looking for Halloween costume pieces and found some interesting things at the Halloween store.

And the poop emoji.

Trying on my costume a few weeks out.

Working on the Wario hat.

The day after I gave my notice, another coworker gave hers for her dream job in Philadelphia! We had the same last day of work. 

Just holding a baby in the drive-thru. Tooootally normal.

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