Monday, October 26, 2015

Girls Weekend

Carson went to Boston for a conference at Harvard and had a marvelous time! A colleague of his went with and they stayed with his Dad's cousin in Beverly, MA. They got to explore all the hot spots in Boston, by which of course I mean the touristy things. Carson loved the city and now I can't wait to go visit!

Meanwhile I worked and got takeout and did crafts. I don't hate being by myself, so I didn't mind the long weekend alone, and I got a lot done. 

On a whim, I called Jillian and asked what she thought of meeting for lunch in Jacksonville that Saturday. She was all for it, so we got together at around lunchtime at a place she'd been before. It was so good. I had a sandwich and a butternut squash soup with red peppers. 

And Wren girl and I got to hang out when she got a little tired of sitting still. She charmed the wait staff too

We went to a toy store and looked around for a little while and then browsed some other local stores. It was fun!

After exploring, we went to a little park to hang out. I gave Graceanna her birthday presents and they were a hit!

Wren meanwhile took advantage of my distraction and made off with my phone, which I think is a hilarious series of pictures.

Elsa and I!

Carson came home on Sunday night and we went to a local park to walk around. 

He'd bought us both Harvard sweatshirts while he was there, so I made him model his for the camera. 

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