Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall Wedding

Our most recent trip to Beaufort was for a wedding! Chloe, a sweet friend I've known for awhile, who was my companion on my last trip to Ukraine, someone I've known for... I'm not sure, quite some time, got married! 

We got to Beaufort on Friday afternoon. My mom coordinated the wedding and my brother built the wedding arch and my dad was at work, so Carson and I went to their house, played with the dogs, and then Carson took a nap. 

Scott got home and we headed into Beaufort. The sunset was lovely that evening.

After a family dinner at a fancy little place I like to call the Pizza Hut, we returned home and watched a little golf. Oscar wasn't thrilled about sitting on the floor.

Saturday morning, everyone left to go to work work or wedding work, so Carson and I headed into town to meet Christina and Caleb for breakfast. They were in town for the wedding as well, and although they attended our wedding, I don't think Carson had officially ever met them. We had breakfast at Palm and Moon Bagel, a place we used to visit in high school! We walked down to the waterfront but it started to rain, so Christina suggested we return to the car but get a group picture first. 

A word about rain: the weather for this wedding had been forecast with a 15% chance of rain earlier in the week, but as the weekend grew closer, the forecast grew to 85%. That is not good. So it was rainy/drizzling all of Saturday, and the wedding ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, but plans were being made to move it inside, since it was pretty likely that we'd all get very wet. We all prayed that the rain would hold off. 

Carson and I stopped by the venue on our way to Granddaddy and Grandmama's house to see the preparations and for me to write a little sign. 

We had lunch and hung out at Granddaddy and Grandmama's house before getting ready. Surprisingly enough,   the sun started to come out. 

I actually sweated during the beautiful ceremony. That's how sunny it was. I didn't take pictures during the ceremony, so here's one from after.

My sister was there! Her husband Thomas did the music.

And here we are after the bride and groom arrived, a rather awkwardly angled picture.

Chloe's brother gave her away, and they did a brother-sister dance that was so sweet.

My mom and Scott at the wedding, serving cake!

Mom and AudreyKate danced a little.

This is the beautiful mother of the bride. She's the church secretary and we used to work together. She's as sweet as she is lovely.

Ale was a bridesmaid and came home from her first semester at Moody (Chicago)! It was so good to see her!

They left to the sound of kazoos. It turns out that I have no idea how to make noise in a kazoo. 

Scott and I 

Scott and I playing (is that the correct verb?) the kazoo. 

We got home and watched Florida State beat Miami. Go Noles! 

The next morning, we went to church, and said goodbye to these two unloved, suffering little creatures: Mini, sitting two feet from her bed in the blanket box, and Oscar, snoozing on Dad's pillow. Poor little angels...

I slept on the way home and then woke up to read a chapter aloud to Carson of the book we've been reading: Freakanomics (yes we are late to the game. But it's good!). We got home with time to spare, and by that I mean we went to bed early. It was a super short weekend but really good! Congrats to Chloe and Ricky!

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