Friday, April 24, 2015

Responsibility, Schmonsibility

The last week before finals was upon us, and it was going to be a little busier than most weeks have been. Carson planned to stay later every night to finish grading, studying and writing. He had follow-up meetings and end-of-semester stuff. He teaches a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class and decided that Wednesday would be the last meeting, a decision I'm certain was appreciated by everyone (chiefly by him). So after the class, I picked him up, as I often do when I get out of work. It was only 11am and a beautiful day, and I realized that I'd really like to have the car so I could drive to a park and enjoy the sunshine (it had been raining most of the week - April showers and all that).

As luck would have it, Carson had to meet a professor at a coffee shop near a park, so I went with him and he dropped me off at this random park. I did enjoy my walk in the sunshine (for two hours, which I was not anticipating), calling people to catch up with them and enjoying sun. I met Carson outside the coffee shop and he immediately said "Let's go to the beach!" which is not a rare suggestion on the weekend but certainly is during the week because he's so disciplined.  So... we went to the beach on a weekday. Monumental enough to write a blog post about? Well yeah, apparently. We didn't stay for too long because I had to work early and Carson had to get back to responsibility, but it was great to take a little break before the big semester finish. And now, the first year of PhD is over... only four to go!

Do you see Carson in this one? 

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