Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tallahassee First Impressions

When we left my parent's house for Florida, Oscar wouldn't look at us. I think he knew his favorite person (Dad) was gone for a few days, and that it was our fault. Great, now I sound like Dad.

I wore my Cleveland Indians shirt because it doesn't hurt to mix loyalties.

Our apartment building. It doesn't have any amenities (lots of places had pools and gyms and tennis courts), but it is quiet, since there are only three other apartments.

Walking in the front door, you see this.

In my head, there was a separate dining room. I was okay without it, but when I walked in, it felt very small to me and I didn't think it was going to be big enough for our table and couch and I really, really hated this place.
 It's likely that this wallpaper in the main bathroom helped my feelings. Yikes.

Our room

View from the back door.

Carson thought this was the greatest thing ever, this pass-through. I loved that it has over twice the counter space and storage.


Guest bathroom

Getting started.

Mom and Dad were initially an hour behind us, but since we moved slower, they weren't too far behind and brought Publix fried chicken with them!

The unpacking was long, and mostly accomplished by Dad and Carson. After showering, we returned the truck and set off to explore.

Syncing directions was a must.

Filling the tank up once more was also a must (if you don't, they apparently charge $8/gallon)

Since it's the reason we are here, we decided to find Florida State's campus.

They have a circus complex. This was perhaps the highlight of our trip to campus. (here's a website about it)

We walked to find Carson's building.

These spear/arrows are all over the sidewalks on campus.

After touring, we hit the store for a few necessities and headed back to relax and SLEEP.
Setting up house happened over the next two days. More of Mom and Dad's visit coming soon!


  1. The campus looks pretty. And you will work magic in that apartment, I am sure.

  2. yay for new places and seasons! I know you will make your apartment into a super cute home - you're talented like that :) Love you!


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