Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Florida Beach Day

I feel bad for not doing a better job of blogging. The honest excuse is not that I don't have time (I still don't know anyone, so I have tons of that), but that my computer has been such a problem lately! Only 1/3 of the screen works, so I have to edit pictures or doing anything on the internet within that tiny space, so it's been hard to get motivated to do more than a couple of minutes a day. However, thanks to my dad, my laptop is now hooked up to a desktop monitor so I have an entire screen at my disposal, until I work up the courage to replace the laptop screen myself. All that to say... these pictures are from our sixth day in Tallahassee. 

We decided to spend our first Saturday in Tallahassee at the beach. Nope, we're not on the water here, which probably makes this city the least Florida-like place in Florida, but we're within an hour or two of water, so it's not that bad.
Other than our honeymoon, we haven't actually spent any time at the beach together, and even then it was just one day, so this was a new experience in a way. 

First of all, we mistakenly looked at a map, determined that a certain highway would take us down to the beach, and set off in that direction. Had we looked closely, we would have noticed a funny thing about Tallahassee which is... all the roads curve. The particular road we were on? Begins South but goes in a circle all around the city. Did we notice this immediately? No we did not. We noticed when we were quite far north. Lesson learned, and next time we will probably look up directions.

It wasn't that bad though and was a pleasant day for driving. 

Is this animal a badger? Anyone know?

We passed a few little beachy towns. Our destination was kind of far down the coast, so we were by the gulf much of our drive.

Carson happened to yawn as I took this picture... or was he munching on palm trees?

At last we got on the bridge to St. George Island, our destination!

So many beach houses. We REALLY want to rent one with people for an extended weekend.

Carson brought a ball because he forgot that he's married to a person who likes to be a bump on a log when she goes to the beach.

Where's Waldo? (Carson)

I read and laid in the sun. Despite sunscreen, I got a tiny bit of sunburn. Carson did not heed my sunscreen warning and got VERY burnt. Overcast days are deceptive.

Dear Beach, we will be back! Love, Carson and Lindsay

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