Monday, July 7, 2014

Setting Up House with Mom and Dad

This got a little lost in the drafts folder! 
On our second day in Tallahassee, Carson went off to school and Dad and Mom and I worked on setting up the apartment. We bought a bunch of supplies, like curtain rods and shelf paper, and returned home to utilize those things.  There they are, lining away. Can I just say how great it was to have them here to help with "little" things like that? It was so great having other people say things like "Actually I think the utensil drawer would be better here" or even "yeah, you need shelf paper".

It was bad. Really bad.

And it rained. Our little porch stayed dry, which was a far cry from our last porch which could never do that.

View from the back door.

Partially set up - the letters on the back of the couch actually spell "HOME", but Dad had fun making them say other things the whole time.

In addition to setting up, we drove around and shopped for house things. Here we are driving toward the capital building.

The trees are so southern! I mean obviously, but it feels less Florida-like than I'd envisioned.

Multitasking. This picture and the following pictures might actually be on the Tuesday they were here, but basically all we did was drive around and see things and run errands and return to set things up.

We paid a visit to the good people at Comcast and got a router. Dad and I worked to set it up (oh I know it looks like I did nothing, but I had to document!)

Mom scrubbed down the sinks and showed me how to unscrew the handles and scrub those too (so satisfying but gross).

We began the task of hanging things after this. I loved having Mom to help me figure out where to place things, and Dad, to get everything level. I'm not nearly as methodical with picture hanging as these two.

Carson returned, and worked on school things.

On Mom and Dad's last night, we celebrated a job well done by going to Moe's for dinner. Pictures first though.

And we returned to rest/watch the college world series on the internet.

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