Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Week in the 216

A late posting, but better late than never. Or maybe not, but posting anyway. I keep letting things hang out in the drafts folder and never actually scheduling them to post. Sorry! 

On our last week in Cleveland we...

(Sunday before) Went to dinner at Carrie and Abe's house and then out to ice cream at Sweetie Fry, where they told us that Baby Rickenberg was on its way. Cat's out of the bag now, which is why I mention it. 

(Saturday before) Carrie and I huddled under blankets on the couch watching season 3 of Call the Midwife. We've been Call the Midwife buddies, loving the time together even though we have to put the subtitles on to understand them and are completely terrified at some of the scenes.

(Sunday of) Went to our last church service at Gateway, where we both teared up and wondered why on earth we would leave this place. They brought us up and announced that we were leaving, which almost made me cry, except that they made a joke and I laughed instead.

(same day) we tried Zoup! a soup and salad place that went in that week. It's a chain but we'd never been and it isn't in Tallahassee which stinks because we loved it. I had a Cobb Salad (mistake - I hate gorgonzola/blue cheese) and mushroom bisque (my second favorite soup - favorite is lobster or crab bisque).

(Monday of) worked with Evan for the last time! We were all roomies for three weeks, plus I basically lived with his sister for two years in the Reilly building, plus he got me this job, plus told us about our church. So a picture was needed.

Had my last week of work. My boss gave me a hug, and I teared up.

(Tuesday before) Had lunch with Lana at Hodge's downtown. I had the shrimp and grits and it was phenomenal. We got stuck at a light right at the big outdoor chandelier they put in and snapped a few pictures.

We had the hanky pankys and the deviled eggs - both amazing.

It was instagrammed, obviously.

My wonderful dish.

Lana got a sampler and it looked good, but I think mine was still better.

Afterward, we walked to East 4th street and she bought me a Cleveland shirt and magnet to represent while I'm in Florida.

(Tuesday evening) sorry, roomies. Had to snap a shot of the roomie situation. Cozy.

(Wednesday of) My last day of work! After I clocked out, we took pictures.

(out of order; the Sunday we moved) We came home from church to a deer in our yard! On occasion we'd seen them there before, but not all that often, though since we lived in a really suburban area, I'm not sure where they lived. 

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