Saturday, July 26, 2014

Morgan Visits Tallahassee

Carson went on a rafting trip in Idaho, so my sweet cousin Morgan came up to Tallahassee to see our new place and to spend the weekend with me. It was great to have her up. 

She got there on Thursday night after work. We talked and went to bed. 

On Friday, we went to the beach! It was suuuuper hot and humid. We'd stopped at Target on the way there for magazines to read, and while we were lying on the beach, we put the magazines on our faces to shield ourselves from the sunshine. Did you know that the ink on magazines will come off if you do that? The huge smudges on our foreheads tell you that now we DO know...

We stopped for boiled peanuts on the way back from the beach because we love them and our husbands don't, so it was a win-win scenario.

We'd planned out some adventures in the sunshine for the next day, but it rained, so we put on our (matching - not on purpose I promise) raincoats and went to the mall.

We returned to complete a number of projects - I used Morgan's etching cream to etch my flour and sugar jars, I showed her how to make maxi skirts (this has for some reason been project of the year so far), and while she took a nap, I made a moss-covered letter like I saw online.

Later we learned that I can't open a wine bottle to save my life. We had eventual success but it was very touch and go there for awhile.

We made yummy smoothies.

And the next day we went to a church we definitely won't visit again. That experience needed something savory, so we went to Jimmy Johns which made the day better.

Crafting, late nights talking, a beach trip and shopping - not a bad weekend!

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