Friday, July 4, 2014

Carolina June

If you recall, we moved over a period of a few days. The drive time from Cleveland to Tallahassee looks to be around 15 hours, which we could have done in one very long stretch (our longest day of driving on our move to Ohio was around 14 hours, I think) but we decided to break it up a little bit instead of rushing right there. 
It was nice, moving but stopping along the way. We've wished before that when we moved from Washington to Ohio, we'd carved out a little more time to see stuff and not just drive by the signs for things to see. It was more relaxing, knowing where we were stopping for the night, rather than seeing how far we could get. Good decision making, Bays.

We spent a little time with the doggies.

And Scott showed us his bees.

We tasted a little honey too.

Carson and I had breakfast with Nana and Bud, then popped over to see Emily and Josiah. It was probably a fifteen minute visit, but some time is better than no time!

Carson, Dad and I went to Granddaddy and Grandmama's for lunch. Carson fell asleep in the hammock after beer can chicken. Rough life.

We admired the new portion of the dock that Dad and Granddaddy built all by themselves.

Carson jumped off the dock.

Dad hung out in the water.

It was HOT. Appropriate weather and activities for the first day of Summer, though.

We feasted on a giant watermelon.

Then we went home, put more furniture on the truck, and spent time with the family.

The next morning we said goodbye to Scott.

And we were on the road again. Short visit, but sweet with the promise of living closer and being able to go home more often!

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